Question on Ibuki's sweeping HK -> close HK

On some characters it seems that after the sweeping HK into the close HK they fall a bit too far for the MK to hit and it forces me to have to take a step forward and then hit the MK.

Is that how it is? Or is my timing with the MK just off?

On those same characters though, if I just get them with the close HK without the sweep then they will be close enough to hit the MK.

Those characters being Dudley, Chun Li, and some others.

Doesn’t make any difference which char it is.

Sweep to close s.HK chain is terrible any ways. It’s easy to look for the sweep and hit Ibuki inbetween from close range and quite a few characters can reverse the chain when it is blocked. Doesn’t really put you in a good position after block either. Sweep to far s.HK chain is better (and not even that much better). If you do use it try to use it from as far away from the opponent as possible. Unless you’re like 90 percent sure they’re gonna go for a high parry or just need to do something different. Yes, at times the sweep to close s.HK chain even will put them too far away for a s.MK reset. If you are going to use sweep to far s.HK chain just do a super jump towards them with an attack/kunais afterwards to create momentum and just go for a parry if you think they’re going to anti air you. If you do get the sweep to close s.HK chain then go for a s.MK reset if you are in range or super jump towards them any ways or super jump straight up and go for an j.HK, f+MK chain.

Maybe it’s the way it is? I never notice because I personally think the combo is somewhat useless. You can do the same air reset with LP -> Dash. Easier too.