Question on input shortcut to prevent wrong move coming out (KOF)


Hi, I’m trying to do Ryo’s Ranbu combo in KOF 98:
cr.B ~cr.C qcf,hcb+P.

I thought I could do cr.B ~qcf+C,qcb+A. However his Ko ou Ken fireball is qcf+A/C, so that comes out when I want Ranbu to start. I think there might be a shortcut to prevent this. I would really appreciate any help.


Well, no. Even if he didn’t have a qcf+P fireball move, you still wouldn’t get cr.C with qcf+C since…you’re not holding down anymore when you press C. Gotta do the motion man.


Ah. I should say I’m using a keyboard.
I’m trying to do this combo with Iori: cl.C, f+A xx qcf,hcb+P.
On Dreamcancel, it says “press and hold cl.C, qcf+A, release C, hcb+P and the combo will work.” I can’t get it to work though.

I also really want to do Iori’s: cr.B, cr.A/cl.A, f+A xx qcf,hcb+P. And Kyo’s: cr.B,cr.A/cl.A xx qcf,qcf+P.

I’m really trying hard, would appreciate any help. I would be so happy to just get those four super combos working, including Ryo’s above.