Question on Mad Catz SFIV PS3 Compatibility with PC


Hi All,

I just got a Mad Catz SFIV PS3 TE Round 2 Fight Stick and understood that it requires a PCI card with VIA/UHCI and have looked at many threads in regards to requirements and such to have it work on PC. I have purchased a PCI card (which will make the stick work on my PC) but had a question in regards to my motherboard anyways.

I have a Asus Z97-A which has an Intel chipset and from what I have read, intel chipsets should work with this fight stick without a PCI card, but mine does not? (I have tried all my USB ports already).

Are there other requirements other than needing an intel chipset? Is there an option in my BIOS or a driver I may be missing (or have installed) which could be causing it not to work?

Again, I do have the required PCI card on the way, but I was just curious if I could get it working without it as people say it should work with an Intel chipset. If I have missed something please let me know as I am sure this has been answered many times but I just haven’t found the answer myself for Intel chipsets.

Here is the specs of my motherboard -

Thanks in advance for responses.


You’re way better off replacing the controller pcb- many are extremely easy and inexpensive. Zero delay encoder with .110 connections is the cheapest and easiest. Move up in price and you can get more functionality (additional systems, x input mode for PC use).


Could be an option, do you have a link to a guide / parts I could look into purchasing? Any help is appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks.

Would something like this work?


You want the smaller connectors and 5 pin joystick harness this one has. It’s very plug and play, you will need to rotate the PCB on the lever itself though (take the gate off, rotate so the directions are correct to the new inputs, snap the gate back on).