Question on Madcatz stick upgraded to Sanwa

So, I just got my Sanwa stuff last week, and I had a question about the joystick and the wiring that’s provided: Should I swap out the default wiring attached to the 5 pin connector in favor of the Sanwa 5 pin connector and wiring? Is there any benefit to this, or should I leave it as-is?


Just leave the wiring as-is, and plug their 5-pin harness into your JLF, there’s absolutely no benefit of using the Sanwa branded harness.

Thanks, I’ll do that. The only problem I’m having is the 5 pin connector will shake loose every once in awhile and I have to open it up and re-attach it. A minor gripe, but should I glue the 5 pin connector in with any special glue? I’m trying to figure out a way to secure it, but not indefinitely.

The answer lies within one of these:

Yea but that glue was a bitch to get off in the first place to replace my parts -_-

Hmm, you must really thrash your stick if it comes loose, seems like they fit on there pretty tight. But yep, a hot glue gun sounds like the solution, should be able to pick one up for REALLY cheap if you don’t already have one. If you don’t completely smother it, it’s not so hard to get off… :wink:

Ever heard of a utility knife? :wgrin:

actually if you bend the outer pins outward a little, it will fit into the harness more snug.

Yeah, I tend to thrash it pretty rough =)

Hot glue gun…great idea!

Thanks guys for all the help. This forum is full of so many nice and helpful people!!