Question on Properties of Berimaru's Grab Super



I really need help. I was fighting a ratio 1 Benimaru on S-groove. I had the advantage but once he got to desperation mode, he managed to grab me with the level 1 lighting grab super. Then he nailed me with it again right when I got up. Then again for the third time. My Kyosuke was naturally toasted after the third super. My next character was a ratio 1 Kyo. That cheapo got me with the lighting grab super again. I perfectly timed Kyo’s dp for wake up. When the screen flashed while Benimaru activated the super, Kyo was clearly in dp animation, spiralling with flame in his hand. That cheapo got me with the level 1 lighting grab me right out of my Dragon Punch! Then again! I swear that even he saw the DP during the flash. I was completely shocked and in order to avoid further embarrasment, I had to waste a level 3 super (qcfX2+p) for wake up when only a JAB uppercut would have killed him (I finally got him) Does the grab super nail you out of Dragon Punches too? What about the level 3 version. Can it grab you out of the air? Out of a Sagat Uppercut? I was kind of puzzled how I could get nailed by that level 1 super 6 times straight. Can someone help?


Benimaru’s Grab Super does indeed grab fast, even at Level 1. Which DP did you do? Jab DP’s have very little priority, and not much invincibility. Next time you find yourself in such a situation, do a Fierce DP. I’m almost positive you’ll see better results if you try that. Getting grabbed out of a Jab DP doesn’t shock me too much.

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I dunno… those grabs seem to shock me plenty. :slight_smile:

(horribly stupid pun intended)


I was under the impression Benimaru’s level 1 is one of the super grabs that you can jump away from every time (even after the flash). I know with characters like Vice, Gief, or Raiden, the super is guranteed if you’re ever crouching while your opponent activates.

With Yamazaki’s level 1, nothing is guranteed though (unless you stuck out a move). I thought Benimaru’s grab has the same properties. Can you or anybody else who knows test this out and explain a little better for me?


If your name ends with “aki”, your Level 1 Super can be jumped from. If not, then no.

Yamazaki and Maki (CURSE YOU CAPCOM!!) can have their Level 1’s escaped after the super flash, so long as you aren’t in the middle of anything. Everyone else will grab you no matter what, and that includes Benimaru.

After I found out you could jump from Maki and I finished cursing Capcom for 15 minutes, I tested it with every other character, and that’s what I found out. I still may have made a mistake, but for Benimaru, I’m pretty sure you can’t escape.

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what about hibiki?? i know its not aki, but its ki…


Yeah, that Hibiki grab super is sick.


hibikis grab super is fuckin sick man, it gorsses me out :frowning:


the thing is that kyo’s dp has a lot of startup for a dp, i’m not surprised he got grabbed out of it. Kyo’s dp+lk seems like it has less startup than his punch dp, so he might have better results with that.