Question on resets and links

I wanted to know how a reset actually works. I mean I know it “resets” the combo so you can do more damage by doing another combo after the reset(?)

But how does it work? When they land do you have like a couple of frames to hit them where they can’t block? Or can they block?

And the question about links is. When people say “1-frame link” how does that work in terms of frame data? If a move is +3 on hit for example and the next move starts up in 3 frames is that the 1 frame link?

Thanks in advance

My understanding of resets is that it isn’t un-blockable situation, but rather that it is a situation after a combo or knockdown that forces a 50/50 (or worse) situation. So the scaling gets reset, but the defender is still under pressure and the damage can continue with a wrong guess.

An example is Seth in SF4, with meter he can c.hp xx lp.srk > air stomps (in air reset) and land next to them with a 50/50 for EX-SRK or EX-SPD. Another is Gief after EX-GH ender, the knockdown resets and Gief can crossup splash for combo/(whiff splash) command grab mixup.

If any of this is wrong please feel free to correct me.

If that’s true that’s probably why I’m unable to practise resets in training mode with the dummy on auto block…

Yeah, the new talk of the “un-blockable” ultras takes advantage of a reset, followed by an ultra freeze property that allows the meaty projectile to hit and combo ultra

Great example of a non-knockdown reset at about 0:20 of this video

And here is the EX-SPD on reset:

Resets are usually avoidable with a good guess, with a few exceptions (like the new sf4 fireball setups or the air grab setups in TvC)

You can practice resets in training mode using random block. Random block is good because it simulates what happens when a human player guesses correctly. You need to know how to followup in that case as well.

Ok thanks for the replies guys I guess I get the reset thing now. Does anyone know the answer to the links question?

Resets are a little sketchy. The opponent does have time to block, and in some cases, counter.

As an Akuma player, I sometimes, only as a mixup option, reset a combo and follow up with a close demon flip throw. It works about 90% of the time (the 10% being random EX SRK’s from Ken or worse, LP.SRK to ultra from Ryu).

If you are going to try resets, I can only really recommend 2 things. 1) Use it mostly as a mixup rather than a staple of your game. 2) Follow a reset up with something relatively safe. No reset to punishable shoryukens or anything like that.

As for links, your statement is correct. If you are +3 advantage on hit and your move you are linking to is 3 frames startup, it’s a 1-frame link.

Yes, because the following attack is active on the 3rd frame, if an attack leaves you at +4 and startup is 3 frames it is a 2 frame link

edit: Villian85 explained it.

Also remember you can increase the frame advantage by using meaty attacks.

Alright. I understand both things now. I guess I’ll practise resets with random block on.

Thanks a lot for all your help