Question on Standing mp -> Shippu

I’ve been trying to land one in a match, but I never seem to get it right.

I know you need distance between you and your opponent for the link to work and I’ve been using standing mp as counter poke. I try to do shippu motion (qcf x2 + k) once I see that the mp hits the guy but I never got it to work.

Do you guys buffer in a qcf before the mp?

Thanks in advance.

…think about. If you do a qcf before the mp, won’t you throw a MP hadouken?

I usually just input the command fast. Nothing fancy.

I was thinking more of a partition like for Yun (qcf->wait->launcher mk->qcf+punch (genei-jin)). Sorry if the whole qcf buffer sounded stupid.

So I guess the timing is similar to Makoto’s SAII.

Thanks a bunch

It’s not a big deal, really. I just saw it and was like “wait, huh?”. I just got that link down by practicing. I think you just need to work on the timing.

The timing isn’t hard at all o_O. Seriously. Makato Hayate -> link SA1 has harder timing than this. You punch, wait for the hit sound, roll the double QCF as Ken’s arm retracts, then drum the kicks.

I swear, it’s almost done with cancel timing. Just don’t rush it, and you’ll have it down in no time.

I didn’t think it was that hard either, but appearantly to some people it is.

it’s a link, not a cancel. i buffer the two qcfs while i’m throwing out the mp so if it hits, i just hit the buttons and it comes out, if not i don’t touch them. the timing is nothing like makoto’s sa2. this link is impractical vs other shotos because xx super will poke you under this, but sometimes it’s nice to use, the threat of another ranged link into super is always good.

s.MP is actually very practical vs shotos, they actually use it all the time on eachother for stopping dashes and what not. c.MK indeed does go under it, but if whiffed your opponent gets a free dash in or even a jump in and since you’re a shoto, eating j.HK,c.MK,LPsrk,karaLPsrk crouching really hurts. With s.MP you simply don’t have this problem. c.MP could be used the same way as s.MP, but then you’re crouching and risk eating extra damage when the attack fails.

Srubmaster K: if you’re on a stick this will be pretty easy, you can enter the whole motion after hitconfirming the s.MP and get the super out. It’s important with any link that you drum it when possible. From here on it’s all about practice really, I’ve spent like 5 hours myself on just that link but now that I know how to do it, I can spew it out in the most unexpected moments:)

the reason some people have problems with this is cause they rush it including myself.

Its a gangstas only link, so you can either do it, or not.

Seriously tho, just drill this shit. People have a hard time with links at first because they don’t have a whole lot of room for shortcuts, but once you get them down, it will really clean up your buffers and improve your execution all around. I like using this one as a follow up to fake tick throws.

Yeah, I got this on my first time, but after already knowing how to like Dudley’s Dark Shot into SA3, Chun’s s.HK into SAII, Makoto’s Hayate into SA1… etc.

Links just take practice; always drum your inputs (this is a good habit to get into whenever you input a super or reversal timed special; it can never hurt), and yeah, you should be able to get it down. There are no secret tips or tricks, just, SAIII.

I sometimes feel like i do the qcfx2 too fast is there like a timeframe within which the qcfx2 needs to be done. I guess what im asking is how many seconds should it be to do the qcfx2

How do you know you are doing it too fast? There is no actual timeframe in which the qcfx2 needs to be input. It just has to be finished by the time you drum it out (obviously). Personally, I’m not fully understanding your question.

actually you can do it too fast like when you do ken’s back+forward and you have to wait a bit, if you rush it wont come out. I buffer the motion and wait to see my opponent slide back from the punch hitting then I drum kicks.

Yea you have to wait for the move to finish before executing the super, but you can’t necessarily input the qcf too fast.

confirming is all about reaction and spacing…go to training mode on PS2 and put the computer to random block, and throw out medium punches, and do 2qcf really quickly, if u see it hit, drum the kicks if not, do something like dash grab or low roundshouse…once u have mastered this,…try to confirm SAIII with low medium kick

You really got to tap mp let go quickly and immediately buffer, if your good at ur hit confirms you should do it no prob, it is deffinately effective when ur oponent whiffs while standing. One way to land those is by tapping down wen ur opponent attempts to grab ur it will whiff and u can space back and hit him with it.

There is a definite pause after the MP hits, before you should start your quarter circle inputs. Aim to finish inputting them and be drumming kicks just as the standing MP ends.

You can find the timing by trial and error, but bear in mind that it simply won’t link if your range is slightly off. Because this is a slow move, it links quite a while after it hits. It’s most likely you are inputting the whole sequence too soon. Deliberately leave it much too late and adjust it to come out sooner and sooner, until you finally get the link.

also bear in mind vs shoto+bigger characters that will hit low-parry attempts.

really great tool even close range.

Somewhat related to what LB said above, will whiff against certain crouching characters (e.g. Yang, etc.) and won’t whiff against others (e.g. Q, shotos, etc.) so long as they’re in range. Minor detail, but very important to know which characters can duck it and which cannot.