Question on stun in SF4/SSF4

Yo, I’m looking to get into SSF4. Quick background - I haven’t really played SF4 before so I’m not familiar with the engine, but I am moderately experienced with 2d fighters in general. I haven’t bought a copy of the game yet, so right now I can’t test it myself, but basically I’d like to know if stun prorates.

I was throwing some theory combos together for Makoto to come up with strong stun combos, (trying to get that gdlk stun back from 3s, lol) and it made me wonder if there was any sort of proration on stun or not. I know how damage proration works, so if it’s the same, that’s easy for me to understand. Looking at the numbers in Mak’s combo thread though, I’m guessing that either there isn’t any stun prorate or it just works differently.

If there really isn’t any stun proration at all, I’m gonna have some fun.

Anyway, thanks for your time and responses.