Question on the "barebones" issue

We all agree that KOF XII is pretty barebones.

But, what if this game were called something else, like “SNK Rebirth” or even “Garou 2”… and it had 12 characters (10 + 2 playable bosses). Plus endings, a story mode and an extra DVD or CD or whatever (some extra gimmick).

Same gameplay. The 12 characters are your 12 favorite characters from the roster.

Would you like the game better?

Would it be worth your 60 bucks?

No because the online would still suck ass… why didn’t you post this stupid shit in one of the other 203987432 threads where people are arguing about the game instead of making an entirely new one?

I do not care at all about ridiculous extra CDs or DVDs, Bosses, Endings, or any of that shit. I just want to be able to play against other human beings. Period.

Seems Frankfurt missed the main issue people are having with KOF XII. Good try ole chap.

is this a shot at blazblue lol

no we only care about online

btw blazblue has fantastic online

Uh… read the other vs thread at Fighting Games forum. I praised BB, son.

And even the guys in this thread saying online is the only issue, said the game itself was NOT worth 40 bucks. Don’t pretend you didn’t. Go back and read your previous posts.

I personally do feel it’s barebones and it’s more of a $40 game, but moreso because of previous KOFs than for the game itself.

Say what you will…

But I think that a story mode for KOF would be absolutely excellent, assuming they made team-by-team stories.

It would also open up gamers to new characters they wouldn’t normally touch.

Fuck that. I want
-special intros: Like Ryo vs Robert and Ash vs Iori/Kyo
-special winposes like Kyo taking off the jacket vs Iori
-The return of Mu Shiki
-Multiple stocks
-A better intro
-Wicked ass ending to the story mode with nice art like in XI
-Special team intros like the FF team vs the AOF team.
-More than one winpose. No crazy laugh from Iori? No “This is my victory” from Kyo? Nonsense.
-standard intros too
-Remixes of previous KOF themes. Esaka is there why not the others?
-Some characters from NESTS like K’ and Nameless.
-Return of Trademark DMs like Buster Wolf and Andy’s rush DM.

And yeah, better online mode.

Yup, this is it.

If it felt like all the other previous KOF releases, then I wouldn’t call it barebones.

I thought it was a pot shot at Blazblue as well, but that was me, even if you praised it like you said in the other thread.

Now, The answer to that question is still NO, because.

  1. This is the 12th King of Fighter, and the roster was never this light. So why is it light now. That would be like Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 coming out with 15 Characters and people are wondering why a lot of people are dissapointed. ESPECIALLY when you have a 3 vs. 3 game, it makes it even MORE important to have a greater cast.

  2. Bosses have been fundamental in Fighting games for 20 years now, for them to Not include it is Shocking. Especially if you say it is rebirth or something like that. There are at least 2 Bosses I could think of that could have easily served the Hakumen subboss and v-13 boss of this game. Or you could just take one of them and make it the M. Bison of the game.

  3. The extra DVD isn’t a gimmick. AT least not in Blazblue, That game was a New game, therefore, in order to try to attract people, and get them into the game, and hopefully make them life long players, ready to come back for BB2, it was a good idea to get them familiar with the new fighting system. King of Fighters isn’t a new franchise, Therefore they should have A. Already have been known to the fans to not warrant that DVD or else it speaks to how poorly they did previous years or B. been familiar enough type of game that you wouldn’t need it. Having it won’t hurt though.

  4. Story Mode is NEVER a bad thing, Plus it adds to the replay value of the game, especially if you don’t want to play online at that particular time. Soul CAlibur 3 had that expansive story mode, Blazblue had their expansive system. Virtua Fighter even had the kumite/go to the arcade thing that people liked, it even had that trained AI thing back in VF4. Regardless of the situation, people tend to like the additional mode and if adds to the “likeablility” of the characters and thus the overall game. Again, just ask Capcom about their idiotic decision to eliminate Iconic characters or Alien looking ones in SF3.

  5. Your failing to realize the biggest problem of them all. The ONLINE. People were complaining about Soul Calibur 3 when it DIN’T have online back in the day. And people still bash Sega for not including it in VF5 for the PS3, it is/was that important to people. Often the “hardcore” folks will try to convince people that playing face to face on an arcade is all that mattered any ways, but the reality is the vast majority of buyers aren’t interested in going to EVO, and would not drive 20, 30, 50, 100, 1000 miles to go play someone. So, If you don’t have someone next to you, or a friend that is willing to come over, then you essentially don’t have a playable game anymore. Fighting games NEED online. So you release it with unplayable online.

the result of this is a game that averages in the 60s from all the review sites, and quite frankly, that alone will put a lot of on the fence casual and semi hard core folks off. It is never a good idea to release a bad game in the wake of many great games. People will just forget about KOF12 and continue on SCIV, SFIV, BlazBLue, HD Remix, MvC2 and soon Tekken 6. It probably would have been a better idea to A. Hire a bit more people to get the sprites done quicker, or Use a different style as that dot thing is too time consuming, and they STILL looked mediocre after all of this. double the roster, improve the online netcode, add the bosses and other Fighting game 101 stuff and release a game that is worth 60 bucks a bit later when it won’t be around such high levels of competition and the full attention of the fighting community is on it. Seriously, why delay it only a month, they should have delayed it 1/2 year and actually improve on all that I said, and that would have probably given them time to maybe get 5 or 6 more characters in it.

THE GOOD NEWS is (though maybe a back step for KOF technical wise, but so was SFIV) the core fighting game is solid, and that is in the long run the most important part of a fighting games, patch it, tweak it, or release KOF13 next year and all will be forgiven.

It’s true that KoF XII has the smallest roster, with 22 characters. It is comparable to KoF '94 though, which had 25 characters. Sure, it would have been nice to have those three more characters, but the difference is not as large as you imply. This is a rebirth, so just like in '94 they have to start from scratch.

It’s true that it was nice having huge rosters in the later KoF games and games like Marvel Vs Capcom. But those were games that used the sprites from many years of previous games to have those huge rosters.

Give SNK a few more sequels to build up those resources, folks. I’ll enjoy watching the franchise evolve and grow once again.

another tool to the ignore list

Don’t care about the extra shit at all. I’ve never played fighting games for story or some mode of play other than versus another person. Plus, I knew exactly what the game was offering content wise when I bought it. Anyone who bought it and was disappointed by something other than the online is a moron.

If they fix the online, I’ll feel my money was very well spent.

The gameplay is great, so the game is solid as is, but single-player content is always nice to have.

I’m sure they’ll include it in the next one.

I have to say I agree with some of the things you said. I knew from jump street there was no boss, no story, and no extra modes. Hell, I even knew their online was going to suck because of previous online installments. Now I didn’t expect there to be such a low command list and I was under the impression that there was going to be more characters on the home version other then Mature and Elizabeth. I didn’t expect there to be 5 stages with the home release either, but there was no mention of added stages with the console release so that’s just wishful thinking on my part. Still with all that is in there, all that is missing, and all that needs to be fixed I feel that we as consumers deserve alittle bit more for what we paid for.

Like I said in previous posts, this game undoubtly feels incomplete. Even then so, knowing all that was going to be in there, it doesn’t justify the $60 price tag. $45 at the most for everything that’s in there now. Anyways, I still like the game and play it everyday I just wish they took their time before releasing it to the general public. Now this is definitly going to leave a sour taste in peoples mouths when ever SNKP releases another title. If you ask me, they should of released a demo to keep people satisfied for the time being until they finished up KOF12.

If there was a demo, a lot of people probably wouldn’t have bought it.

I don’t think so at all. When demos are released for upcoming games they tend to let the players get a feel of what is to come. They usually aren’t carbon copies of the final product. Most players who play demos such as my self are aware of this. Also, demos help the manufaturers of the games to understand what needs to be added, removed, or fixed to the final product. In this case a demo would of helped awhole lot with the finilizing of KOF12.

Perfectly valid. But the information has been out there and available as far as character roster and move lists go. People have been complaining about that stuff since it dropped in the arcade.

Of course, not everyone has the time to sit on the internet and read this stuff, but most all the stuff everyone complains about with XII has been common knowledge for some time now. Anyone who thought they were going to miraculously bring in a bunch of new characters and add a bunch of moves was just being way to optimistic IMO.

I agree, the game feels incomplete, but it’s still damn fun.