Question on the HORI Fighting Stick EX2

the stick I’ve played on for years were p360 sticks at the arcade, but now all these fighting games are coming out on console so i thought i buy a stick. i saw the HORI Fighting Stick EX2 for the 360 and it looks great but my only problem is ive bought sticks before and they’ve had 4 way directional which imo is crappy.
anyways i wondering what stick HORI Fighting Stick EX2 came with and would it be an easy to switch over to it.

heres a link to the item

it comes stock with a hori stick and buttons
too small to fit happ buttons and a p360
i put a jlf w/ an octagon gate and sanwa 30 snap ins in mine. its not to hard if you have some basic tools, dremel and drill and moderate soldering skills
though as people have said before the ex2 pcb isnt the greatest. i don’t know if i just have a loose wire or its the pcb failing but sometimes itll freeze in whatever the last input i pressed was. not so much on windows but on 360.

but really this is as far as im aware your only option outside of buying a custom.