Question on the X-arcade stick and the ps3


I have a dual X-arcade stick that I was going to buy the dual ps3 & xbox adapter for to use on a ps3. I was wondering if anybody else had done this already and if so did the stick work good on the ps3? I have been hearing rumors that due to firmware updates most 3rd party controllers won’t work on a ps3 and I am wondering if this would affect my x-arcade stick?


Here is a great thread where SRK guys beta tested the 2in1 before it’s release, everyone loves it:

The firmware update happened and did not affect the 2in1, but who knows what Sony will do next.


It looks like I SHOULD be good to go. Here is hoping that Sony doesn’t do something to fuck it up for all of us. I have had my X-arcade dual stick for almost 10 years and I have to say that I am VERY satisfied with it!


I suggest to look here.

As for the firmware update that supposed to “kill adapter compatibility” (mostly hype up) the vast majority are reported to still work, I tested quite a few my self.


Yeah, thanks for the info. I got it, tested it on my boys PS3, and I had no issues at all. :slight_smile: