Question on time out and both players at 0 life

Couldn’t find any info on this but this happened in the RedBull Kumite. Two players fighting had the time go to 0 and they both had 0 life, yet player one received the round. What is the ruling on this? Is this some sort of BS Third Strike tiebreaker scenario? Does it always just go to player 1? Is it last hit? Anyone know? If it is some weird, unfair rule, what will tourneys do when this happens? Probably should sort this before EVO rolls around.

At work right now so can’t check myself, but I imagine this would be very easy to set up in training mode.

They can always patch it out to be a tie breaker, via ST.

Yeah, I never really get a chance to play so I was just wondering if anyone knew or else I would’ve checked it myself. I am actually very surprised that nobody brought this up or raised a stink with this happened in the RedBull Kumite. If I was player 2 and lost that round when it was tied, I would’ve flipped. The commentators even mentioned that they’ve never seen that situation before, and when player 1 got the round they were very unquestioning about it. I find that odd.

I have done that but it came in as a Tie

i don’t remember the match but it is possible that one of them might’ve only looked like they had 1 health and actually had 2 or something unluckily. i’ve been at 1 health situations before against characters with more health than me and had it tie so…mm.

In SF4 I played a single game where it a round timed out where we had the exact same health, and we both got a timeout win for it. So yeah the one dude probably had very slightly less health, because those healthbars arent always perfect representations of numerical value when it gets really low.

IIRC Skullgirls has a feature where it places a “leader” title over the player with health advantage. If SF5 had that we at least wouldve understood that the game recognized one player as having more health than the other.

I’ve played a ranked match online where in Round 3 it timed out with us having the same amount of health. We both got a “T” at the top and they declard it a draw and we both lost points SMH