Question on when to buy a stick


I am def going to get a TE stick for SSF4, but wasn’t sure if I should wait until it came out or get one now. The prices have dropped which is good, but if they are making new sticks for SSF4, then wont the prices most likely drop more by then? If not, isn’t there a chance that the newer ones will cost somewhat less than the older ones on their first release? What do you guys think I should do? I am looking to save a couple bucks if I can and haven’t been playing SF4 much lately, so it’s not like I NEED the stick right now (besides maybe for MVC2). Do you guys think I should take advantage of the current price drop, or just wait and see what happens?


I say wait it out. If the newer sticks end up around $149, then most likely the older gen of SE/TE sticks will be much cheaper by then.


yes take advantage of the mvc from gamestop for 99 or if u like the new S style its going to be 149 for super street fighter


On the flip side, if SSF4 popularity rises, It could drive demand up for quality arcade sticks around game launch, and finding a deal on an older stick might be harder, you will be competing with more people for cheap arcade sticks. 50/50 I say.

I would get one now and pimp mod your stick before the game drops.


the old sticks aren’t cheaper now that the newer sticks like the round 2 and MvC2 are out so I wouldn’t bet on sticks going down in price

Gamestop has the MvC2 for 99.99 and if you look on the amazon marketplace there are some TEs for $100

just get that


I’d vote for now, and get a Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 joystick. It’s the same thing with a different faceplate. It’s $99 at Gamestop while supplies last.


If you have a friend that works at Fry’s as them to get you an AP on the R2 TE sticks. I didn’t like the way the MvC stick looked so I got the R2 stick for $99 with the AP at Fry’s.


Thanks for the advice guys. Guess I’ll give it some more thought and try to figure out what would be best to do. Yeah I was thinking of trying out the MVC2 stick, its basically the same as the TE right? Quick question, If I wanted to change the faceplate, could i make an image and replace it myself without having to like rip it apart or would I have to find someone to do it for me?


Making the images isn’t that hard. Either go to the thread here, google "fightstick template, or make your own with the psd’s here.

And though I can’t speak from experience, from what I’ve seen Art does good work, so I’d recommend getting him to both print out your image and make you a plexiglass overlay. There’s plenty of tutorials both on here and around the net on how to do the mod, and while yes it will take a little work, it requires no special skills or specialized tools (unless you count an allen wrench). You have to take the top off so that you can pop the buttons off. Also, it’s a good time to consider other mods, like replacing the buttons, since you’ll have them disconnected anyway.


The aside from the art and colors the same, and the button Layout is slightly different, it is set to MvC2 Default as opposed to the SFIV default.

Go here for art upgrades.

If you can assemble Ikea Furniture you can change the artwork. But getting a image on a template for printing is another story.


I know how to work photoshop and draw and all of that stuff, So the hard part is getting the image attached to the faceplate? And what is the big difference in the button layout? I keep hearing ppl say the buttons are slightly different, does that mean the buttons are spaced more like oo oo instead of oooo? Or are they just slanted different?


the button placement is EXACTLY the same for all 5 TE’s (SDCC, Femme, MvC, Round1 & 2). it’s the button MAPPING that is different (at least on the 360 MvC TE)