Question on yun combo

Hi, I’m definately pretty new with yun, and I just have one simple question. And that is how to continue the combo Lp, LK, MP, nishoukyaku (I’ve been using light kick on this, maybe that’s not right), then cancel into the genei-jin. From there I’m just kind of in decent positioning for the super art, and I was wondering how to expand this combo, and if so does it vary according to the opponent.

You can’t cancel nishou kyaku into genei-jin. Or maybe I’m just not following you…

My fault, I should have checked my writing before I sent the thread. I meant forward, down, diagonal punch not kick.

read the complete genei jin thread it has all the combos

It’s a good thread, but it’s also at least twenty eight pages long, I apologize man, but I’m just looking to figure out what to do right after the shoulder rush cancel into the genei gin, in order to link it.

read the first page the first post it has the majority of the corner combos and watch videos

some of us have time to reply
learn these 2 combos first:

jab short stongxxgenei-jin, s.strong, s.feirce, dp+Feirce until opponent reaches corner, then strong dps in the corner, then end it with a strong dp, f+feirce, rush punch with jab or strong.

corner, jab short strongxxgenei-jin, s.strong, f.feirce, f.mkX2, palm, f.mkX2, palm, dp+rh, dp+jab, f.feirce, rush punch with jab or strong.
above works on chun, hugo, q, shotos, makoto, necro, sean, …who am i missing? i think that’s all.

you forgot urien,twelve,elena and why take the time to type to whats already been said a bajillion times its the first page first post even explains how to do the kara jab

Why do a strong and fierce?

Because going from fierce to strong doesn’t work nearly as well.

And how would you know that the complete GJ thread is a good thread unless you’ve read it?

People just keep getting lazier & lazier…

that thread is to un-organized. we need more stickys.

also, you can’t really do a hop kick after the rh dp+k, it’s mad sketchy, use rh only when near the corner. use fk when in mid to connect hopkicks.

why do shoulders either? with dp.k, the shoulder combo is obsolete, use rush punch when ducking, and upkicks when standing.