Question oon personal preference

I play Vega on Pad. I would like to know if anyone thinks that it would be better to play him on stick. I know that execution heavy characters would be easy on stick, but, I main Claw and don’t find him execution heavy.

Vega is not execution heavy. It is reading heavy and reaction time heavy. the maindrawback of the pad is that links are much more difficult on a pad than on a stick with quality ultra reactive buttons. Links; kara and option selects are much easier I think on a stick button layout than under the thumb.

motions like ultra’s or defense are possibly faster and more accurate on a dpad than with a stick.

You don’t need a stick for Vega. Trust me, I’ve played him over a year on pad and in the end I could do everything I can now, (this is me on pad) after the transition to stick. And believe me when I say I nailed all of his links consistently.
Switching to stick was damn painful at that. So if you’re not really interested in other fighting games which require more technical skill, don’t do it.

Your defense is awesome sir

i kinda disagree with ajunta. I dont think pad vs stick is really any different execution wise. i play both vega and gief (doing circle motions) on a regular dpad (not analog) i can do everything but dash forward ultra and that’s only because i dont take the time to learn it.

however the quality of the pad is extremely important. Hori FC3 works really well for me. It’s officially licensed by sony japan and has perfect accuracy on the dpad. saturn pad is the next best thing but you’ll need to find one that doesnt lag
sf anniversary pads work awesome but you have to find a lag free ps2 to ps3 converter
DS3 works awesome but doesnt have a 6 button layout and is banned at evo
madcatz fightpads are ass
the only characters i USED to say was easier on stick than pad was gief, juri and viper
vangief showed me how easy it was to do circle motions on dpad (not analog)
Wolfkrone showed me how easy it was sjc with viper (although it aint easy lol)
so juri is the only one i think would be easier for stick (because of storing fireballs)

everyone else i’d say it’s about the same.
plinking can be done on both
kara throws can be done on both
pianoing can be done on both
double tapping cant really be done on pad tho

thing is with vega most of this isnt really an issue cause you cant (realistically) plink LP’s, he has nothing to piano, and there’s no need for double tapping. the only hard thing is kara throw and whether or not it’s “hard” depends on the button config

I think that’s why I’m so good with the guy! I tend to gravitate to characters like him and Rose as a second. You don’t really need much except the skill to know what’s coming. Thanks.

Also. I can only super jump cancel from a focus attack. LOL I don’t know why.

Nothing beats a stick, unless you’re actually in an arcade. However, I do enjoy using the pad because I can lie down while playing.