Question: Own a padhacked TE, can I just drop in it a XBO controller?

A while back ago I did a padhack to my old PS3 TE, using an imp + a fightpad from 360, that works perfectly, but now I’m wondering if there’s a way to incorporate an xbox one controller, and attach it to the same imp.
I know there’s the option to use the 360+ board, but that alongside with the actual pad is almost $120, which is expensive.


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Short answer, no.
Look up what the Imp actually does: the Imp (whether V1 or V2) only allow switching between 2 devices, in your case it’d be the PS3-TE and 360-Fightpad PCBs.

The PS36+ with an XBO padhack + Crossbone is your best bet. Yes, it is comparatively expensive, but this isn’t a cheap hobby regardless.

Cheapest option would be to add a Xbone pad pcb along with another switching device (like a DPDT switch or IMPv2).

It will be messy and time consuming, but if done correctly it will work.

Personally I’d just ditch the dual mod you’ve already done (try selling it) and install a PS360+ & Xbone pcb, along with either a Crossbone or IMPv2.

My recommendation would be to stop playing Killer Instinct 2013.

I would wait it out till more Fighting games and stick options appears.

hahaah, KI was the reason that sold me on the XBO in the first place, now regarding the links to older links, I did a search but having to read a 70+ pages thread is time consuming, and anyone savvy enough can just say no you can’t and point me to a reference instead, faster and less painful.

Using the 360+ might be an interesting option, but probably and due to price constrains I’ll stick to the pad for now, at least until something else worthy appears as my current setup works wonders.

Cheers and thanks.

Then I feel sorry for you, but I digress (there aren’t any new fighting games announced for the Xbone in the near future).

You will be waiting a while as stick development normally do not happen this fast on a new console generation. It was at least a year before the PS3 saw the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 and the Sega Virtua Stick High Grade, and they were originally exclusive to Japan. PS3 came out in 2006, those sticks came out 2007, Mad Catz didn’t came on to the scene till 2009 with the SE and TE. Also we got stupid lucky with PS3 compatibility for controllers as Sony decided to use generic HID drivers for wired USB controllers, that never happened to any other console before. Only the Atari 2600 and the NEO GEO had a more open controller format.

With Sony and Microsoft being more vigilant with what hardware can run on there new consoles, we have to wait till either licensed controllers started to appear or someone hacks the PS4 and Xbone controller security lock outs. The Xbox 360 had sloppy security measures with alot of clone security chips on the Asian grey market.

If done correctly it wouldnt be messy :wink:

All joking aside this is the way I would go… really not that hard to incorporate it with the switch.

Ps360+ with crossbone xbox one pcb is the best option you got until the official licensed stuff drops. Once akishop drops the ps4 firmware for the 360+ you’ll be pretty much able to plug into any console possible and use your stick. $120 for all that is a pretty good investment.

Either way I don’t expect any decent fighting games for at least another year on any console especially ps4/Xbox one