Question Re: Chinatown Fair hours of operation

Hey everyone, I am heading to NYC for a show this weekend via Chinatown bus. I was wondering if anyone knew what the hours of operation were? I’ve done a little looking online but can’t find anything. Any help would be amazing!

I know it opens at 12 everyday I belive and weekends it stays open till 2 am if I’m not mistaken. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’m almost 100% positive those r right.

Where are you coming from? Usually when I take the Chinatown bus, I leave Philly at 5PM(should be earlier, but work is lame, and waiting on slow-ass friends are even worse), and get off in Tribeca, instead of Chinatown, but that’s to get to Brookyln…eh, that’s not even relevant. None the less.

I think the last one leaves NYC at 1am? And the next one doesn’t come till 7AM. But just a head’s up, last time I took the Chinatown bus from Philly, it made a stupid detour in Jersey City, and we wound up missing our show in Brooklyn.

They tend to open at 1pm and close around 1am.

I’m coming from Boston for a show that night and planning on spending the night somewhere in the city. I’m going to try and time things so I have enough time to hit up the arcade before heading to Brooklyn. So I’m thinking maybe the 9:00 Chinatown bus and get there around 1:30-2:00? Also where is it located in regards to the Canal Chinatown bus stop? Thanks for your help guys, I’ve always wanted to hit up the arcade but never had time.

Which bus line is it? on the one from philly the last stop is only about 2 blocks away from CTF and theres a bunch of buses there, it looks like the last stop for a bunch of chinatown buses. If you’re going to the arcade first you might want to stay on until the end.
To be honest i can’t even remember where canal street is in reference to chinatown, i know i’ve been there before but i had no idea where i was.

Walk towards the information/map booth or whatever that thing is. The booth under the giant billboard. Keep walking until you see a Chase and turn right and keep going. The arcade is near the end of the street.

You’re going to Europa? Those bastards owe me 18.00…Canal Street is the final stop on the Chinatown bus, but keep a brochure, asking around won’t really help, unless you can speak fluent Chinese. Not sure where the arcade is, but I was able to find Elisabeth Center(I think it’s called), with relative ease, a few blocks down from Canal, I think it was, it’s been so long since I’ve been in that area.

The first time i went NY looking for CTF i got of the bus at the last stop and wandered new york for 5 hours unsucessfully trying to find it, because i went the wrong way when i got off the bus. When i came the second time and found out how close it was i was pissed.

thanks alot guys, I’m even more pumped about the trip then I previously was.


i’ve never been to Chinatown Fair. thinking about going a couple times in january.

to those who’ve been there.

do they have AH3?

i’m guessing yes?
what about AH2?

What about Melty Actress Again?

i know they have Blazblue


Here is Chinatown Fair’s address:
8 Mott St.
between Chatham St. and Worth St.
nearest train? the 6th train, get off at Canal st.
phone #

and there is a place that isn’t like quarters into arcades, but its supposedly a joint were people can sit down and play on consoles ranging from SNES/GENESIS to ps3/xbox360

they say you sit down and play other people or by yourself.
the consoles are provided by the establishment…but i don’t know about the games or the controllers though.
it costs around 20 bucks to buy you all day play.

its called
226 west 4th Street
between 10th St. and 4th St.
west village
nearest train?
west 4 st or christopher st
A,C,E,B,D,F,V trains

i know CTF have or had AH…but i don’t which version.