[Question] Refresh rate and Fighters


Hello all,

I have a question about refresh rate and fighters. This is not about input lag, but what I assume to be monitor refresh rate. I recently purchased Blazblue for the PS3 and as I was playing, I noticed that the animation was blurrier, less sharp, and less distinct than when I played the game at an arcade. It seemed as if each frame of animation came out more clearly on the arcade cabinet than on my home set-up, especially for very fast animations.

Is this because the arcade cabinet uses a monitor with a better refresh rate? I was playing the game on an LED HD TV about a few years old. However, if the game animates at 60fps and my TV’s refresh rate is also 60fps, how can the visual experience be better if the TV’s refresh rate is higher than 60fps?
If the refresh rate is indeed the issue, what kind of monitor can I get to match the experience I had on the arcade cabinet?

Thanks everyone.


What display resolution your TV set too? It have more to do with your image blur than the refresh rate.


Should be 1080p


And what resolution your console is set to?


That’s probably irrelevant since he’s playing on PS3.

OP, you’re likely playing a 720p game on a 1080p TV. Maybe your TV doesn’t have a great scaler.


Arcade standard is 720p.


Its very reliant if you are displaying a 480 image on a 1080 screen.
Maybe his TV has a crap scaller, then again maybe this guy not even using a cable that supports a HD signal like composite


From what I recall the PS3 version was a little “blurrier” than 360 versions when the game was multi-console. This probably had to do with PS3 having no hardware scaler, so scaling from 720p to 1080p on the PS3 will cause a blurrier image. On the other hand, his TV scaler could suck as well if the game is choosing 720p mode.

Compare that to native 720p with native 720p arcade monitor with no post processing or whatever going on and you’re bound to have different image quality.

IMO, limiting the PS3 to 720p and letting the TV do the scaling might help. It’s worth a try. If it still looks blurry then it’s possible both devices are not scaling nicely, so he’s out of luck.


Or don’t scale it at all and keep it at 720p even on the TV if that’s an option.


But then the TV scales it. There is no way around that unless the TV is max 720p. Any 1080p non-CRT display will automatically scale any signal that isn’t 1080p to 1080p. This is why I mentioned putting it in 720p and see if the TV scaler does a better job than the software scaler in the PS3. On a non-CRT display, it boils down to the display scaling the image, or the console scaling the image. One or the other unfortunately, somewhere along the chain, there is going to be scaling :frowning: