Question regarding combos

After doing an fadc cancel on the first hit of the spiral arrow. Do you go into another high dmg combo or a combo that does more stun?

For example, if i’m jumping in on a crouching ryu (which is dumb i know, but for the sake of the topic…) and i use:

jump hp > cl hp > cr mp > cr mk > spiral hk

What do i cancel the first hit of spiral hk into?

jump hp > cl hp > cr mp > cr mk > spiral hk xx ?

Depends on character and how far you. End up after the fadc. If you can… Jab into low fierce xxx

is there enough time to fadc to ultra?

Soo… Using ryu for an example?

Something like arrow fadc crlp crhp far mp hk arrow.

On for example guile combo hk arrow fadc crlp crhp far hp hk arrow. :\


No reason to ever fadc a hk arrow in a combo. You’re giving up two meters for barely any additional damage/stun.

HK arrow fadc is +3 and you can’t plink the cr.lp (unless you do that select/back linking thing) which makes it very unreliable.

Only time you should fadc a hk arrow is if you’re unsure if it’ll hit or not. The combo I would go for is cr.lp s.hp hk arrow (for reliability).

I have rewired my buttons to Blink. Swapped 3p with back/select.

I agree. While it’s fun. I dont think it’s worth it. Just in casuals, being flashy and maybe to win the match by taking the (~little) extra damage.

Cool guys. Thanks!

only time I ever found it useful to fadc during a combo, is if it’s the 3rd round and it will take that last little hp. I always go for, c.lp, far st. hp xx sa. you can plink the lk so it’s more reliable, but it does take away alot of the combo options that going straight into c.lp would give you

Don’t FADC your HK SA if it connects. Waste. Cammy can get way more utility out of those 2 lil EX’s you used to do a combo that looked cool.

Can cammy HK SA and cancel into super? and is it worth the damage?

Cammy can cancel on the first hit of HK SA. Generally speaking, the damage is quite good unless you do it in a long combo. ‘Worth the damage’ is circumstantial. It depends on the match progress and how you intend to use the meter gauge since super takes up all of it. If you use super and put yourself at a disadvantage, then IMO, it’s not worth it even if you hit it with maximum damage.

thank you for the detailed explanation, that was very helpful