Question regarding connectivity of Hori RAP V Kai (XBOne ver)


Alrighty thats prolly n00b as all heck to ask, but I can’t really afford to take any chances so I rather make sure.

Let me preface this with my current situation: I plan on going to EGX next month to join the Tekken 7: FR Tournament. As I havent figured out if it’s gonna be full cabinets or the stripped down version (as seen at the last 2 evos and wizard world tour) I’ll kinda have to buy a new stick as my current one is about to fall apart on account of being babbies first garbage stick (the wireless T6 one).

Any way I look at this thing, the Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai Xbox Edition seems to be the right thing for me. (not really looking for stick suggestions). However I haven’t figured out if the stick connects to the Tekken 7 Arcades as is or if it needs to be modified. Thing is I got like 2 weeks delivery on the damn thing, I live in germany while EGX is in Birmingham meaning I can’t really order a stick and then find out it needs to be modified and still get it done in time for my departure so its basically a matter of whether I have to buy it modified from the get go or if the vanilla version works as is.

This thing’s connectivity is otherwise perfect for my home uses as is, cuz I got a 360 and a windows 10 comp (xbox devices on windows 10 are fun!) With all the PS4s around I would have to mod it sooner rather than later anyway, but as I said going in: time is kinda of the essence


Both EVO and Wizard World events used Namco System boards so basically arcade. While there is firmware for those boards to allow compatibility for a select number of PlayStation 4 pads and sticks, I believe they are natively equipped with X-Input support because the system OS is based on Windows 7. I tried some sticks that are Xbox 360 based. For sure a stick with a Paewang Revolution (360 mode) and a Brook Universal Fighting Board (360 mode) works on the boards.

After checking pictures from Gamescom in Cologne, I don’t think it will be based on the arcade board but rather a test build of the home version made for expos running on a PC.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend the Hori RAP V Kai XB1 version at for this case. If it’s the test build, then you might have to deal with compatibility issues or likely your trigger buttons not working. For the latter to be fair, Tekken 7 just needs the face buttons. Might as well get Hori’s RAP 4 Kai or the Mad Catz Tournament Edition 2 stick for the PS4 at this point.

If you have Twitter, try asking @NormanGenius about it. He was playing T7 at Gamescom with a normal PS4 Mad Catz Tournament Edition 2 stick and a Dual Shock 4-padhacked Razer Atrox stick from @kkolding. I wouldn’t be surprised if they offer sticks like the TE2 to play on.


Yeah, I played the game at gamescom (A LOT! SO MUCH FUN!!!). That indeed was the demo version of a pc build running on windows 10. (Was visible whenever one of the pc’s crashed and they would boot to the desktop :smiley: ) It was also strictly advertised as Tekken 7. The press release of Bandai Namco UK insist the EGX Tournament will be Tekken 7: Fated Retribution aka the Arcade version.

Of course it would also really help if the european tournament organization would be en par with american, and it’d be possible to acquire such information in advance. (Been hammering all kinds of official accounts to no avail heh)

The TE2+ is not by any means a bad stick at all, if they have these on location I might as well use one of them. As far as personal preferences goes I like my spacing between buttons and stick as wide as possible, which is why I ended up looking at the RAP V.

Thanks for the information and twitter hookup, pal. :smiley:


Hold on I found a ps4 ver of the V on play-asia. That ought to the way to go then if it has to be the RAP V then I guess. If I still need it for my xbox (which I prolly would want due to gems such as SC HD on tha old 360) I can still get it modded later on, I just gotta make sure I got any decent equipment to play on at egx…