Question regarding getting my first stick!

Hello everyone!

Let me start of by saying I did everything I could to not bother you guys with this question (seeing as it was probbobly asked 7203478 times here already) by searching the forums, and the interweb, but nothing really touched the decision I specifically need to make.

[this thread](Please clarify MadCatz PRO vs Old/New TE specifications was the closest I got but it seems to still be unsolved / opened. So here goes.

I have three options from what I can see.

  1. Mayflash Universal Fightstick - for 35$ this seems like a very nice option seeing as I’m quite a casual fighter and not really planning on modding it or messing around with it too much.
  2. Quanba Q1 - 70$, looks and seems to be overall better than the Mayflash, double the price though.
  3. MadCatz PRO - 100$, MadCatz is MadCatz so this seems to be like the “sure buy”, seeing sa its all sawna parts and overall the best quality I can get. DO NOTE that I’m planning on using this stick on the PC, so the thread mention before scares me a bit seeing as he has problems with connectivity and buttons not being recognized. More to it, just to make 100% sure I got this straight, the 200$ TE version costs 100$ more just because of casing / artwork? NOTHING is different quality / parts wise?

Money is not really an issue so I wouldn’t really mind spending 100$ on the MadCatz, I’m just asking if its really worth the extra 65$.

Cheers and thanks!

This is not something we can really answer. There is the which stick should I buy thread, then there are your considerations for quality. The Mayflash is shit, don’t buy it. It’s like getting a car made out of milk cartons for 100 bucks. Yes its a car for 100 bucks, it’s also made out of milk cartons.

The Qanba Q1 is a GREAT buy for someone unsure of how much they want to invest (both in time and money) to this game. It is a little skinnier so setting it on your lap may not be as nice as a Madcatz or Viewlix, but also inversely is more portable. The Qanba internals are actually PRETTY GOOD for a knockoff, my only gripe about the original components is just that the spring on the stick is weak so instead of returning to neutral you can sometimes register an opposing input. There are obviously easy and cheap solutions to this problem. My first stick was a Q1 and I loved it.

If you’re a baller, and never feel like modding (which is dirt easy for button swaps, panel swaps, and stick swaps… literal plug and play) then the Madcatz stick is for you. Even if you find you no longer want to invest yourself in the hobby it will sell relatively quickly. If you get it during a tournament major they usually offer coupon codes on stream so its even cheaper.

It ultimately depends how heavily you want to invest yourself into this hobby, how important quality is to you, and how important being thrifty is. We can’t decide for you. We don’t know you. We can only advise with our opinions and state the facts of each decision. Also, please look on the buy/sell section of the board. These members of the FGC need financial support too and often can offer great deals on good gear.
Two sales that immediately stand out to me are :


I would ask a lot of questioins regarding the second link as I have never used some of these components so I cannot advise. However the price is pretty decent. The eightarc fusion synth is a nice stick too and he’s offering a free choice of balltop to go with it so that’s nice. He calls it a dual mod but if I’m not mistaken (I would ASK HIM) it should be 3 way mod (pc, ps3, xbox) and if that’s the case it also is a pretty decent price for a VERY good stick.

Thank you so much for your detailed and fast response! :slight_smile:

So let me get this straight - the Q1 is good except for the stick itself? so if I buy one ill ultimately need to replace the parts on it to sawna anyway, which are already in the MadCatz one? so isnt it just better to pay 20$ and just get the pro? God I wish they sold the pro in black :confused:

And I am not looking to buy second hand seeing as money is not really a problem (though im not willing to spend more than 120$. The MCPro is my limit)

Please refer to this thread.