Question regarding gremlin solution orders

Ok so I’m new here so id like to say hi to all of you haha

and now I had ordered Seimitsu ls-32-01 and 8 Sanwa buttons about 2 maybe 3 weeks ago and ever since then I haven’t got a confirmation email from them but money was taken out of my account so I wanna know like what is going on?:confused:

I ordered a Seimitsu LS-32 on April 17th and sent them an email yesterday asking for status, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

I think my order went through but i think i must of did a typo when putting in the email address… how long does stuff from Gremlin Solutions take to get to California?

I ordered about a week ago and, whilst it hasn’t been shipped yet, I have been in contact with a very helpful member of staff who has been
keeping me up to date with their stock situation.

You could try contacting them yourself:

I am confident that the items will arrive once stock levels have evened out a bit.

I ordered a JLF stick and some buttons last week, got an email yesterday saying they’re in stock and wil be shipped ASAP this week.

They are pretty busy at the moment.

They’re a decent reputable company & if you contact them, i’m sure they’ll be able to help you regarding your order.

We get all our parts from them.

I put in an order to them on the 8th of April and haven’t been able to contact them about possible shipping dates / current stock status etc. I haven’t tried calling them but that’s mainly because the hours just don’t line up for be being that they are an overseas company. I received the confirmation email from paypal, but not from the site itself yet.

I find that they’re pretty good, with about a week turnaround. They’re also very friendly over the phone too. I spent over 30min with a guy as he gave me advice when it came to me ordering the right parts to make some use out of my old x-arcade solo.

I got my goods after a week and a half. I even got a phonecall on my mobile when it was delayed a few days (otherwise it would have only been a week).

I ordered Sanwa joysticks and some buttons on 17th April and I sent an email to them this morning and I got a reply within 30mins!! They are doing their jobs…just be patient :slight_smile:

I just spoke to Andy, the owner of Gremlin Solutions who was very helpful over the phone.

They have just received the bulk of their backordered stock and are working through the orders at the moment, aiming to get them out by this week.

They even have the crimps for the wires to fit Sanwa quick disconnects (AT-110).

Very happy with the service from this company.

i get that you want to know about your order but isnt there a thread about gremlin solutions already up?

I placed an order for a JLF and 8 buttons in mid march and while it took around 2 weeks for initial contact from them they shipped out and i had my parts within 5 days of them confirming my order. They seem ultra reputable, just really damn busy

Ok nice to hear they are reliable so I should just wait it out then

thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

Gremlin solutions website has been down for the last few days. Does anyone know what’s going on with them? Hopefully they haven’t gone under…