Question regarding Ibuki and Gouki (tier related)

Sorry, don’t know where to ask this exactly, but IIRC, Ibuki was either Mid or Mid-Low, but Gouki is Mid-High or High.
Why is this? Ibuki has a solid rushdown, but her health is a little more than Gouki’s. Is it because her stun meter is small?

Matchups. There’s no single thing that determines a character’s relative strength so no/yes to the second question.

Ibuki is mid, and Akuma is high-mid. They’re both good with mixups and rushdown, but Akuma has somewhat better options and can dish out way better damage. And like Tebbo said, Akuma just has better matchups that ultimately total up to him taking the higher spot.

Funny enough, the Ibuki/Akuma matchup I heard is pretty even, maybe slightly Ibuki’s advantage because of Akuma’s low stun.


Why do kid nowadays need templates for everything?!!? Akuma and Ibuki are both good, and I could molly whop the shit out of any of you with either of them.

Thanks for the info you too, I forgot about match-ups.


Akuma is the best character in the game. Ask Kuroda.

I’m not sure the exact health value but Buki seems to die even quicker than Gouki. She doesn’t have a lot of lows (just some sort of difficult short/jab links, sweep, cmk isn’t that great) and has a hard time getting in. The flip side is that she is AMAZING once she gets in, and her mixup is equally amazing. Great character for trolling people too :3.
She was top tier in 2i due to a ridiculous sa2 that was miles above Chun’s- think Chun sa2, with ken’s meter sa3 length, and ibuki’s ability to combo and mix up after launch.

Gouki is up there because he has a toolshed of options and things he can do. He isn’t top due to some nerfs going from 2i to 3s on damage and whatnot ,and his health is low.

My post wasn’t directed at you or aku. When I was speaking to Tizoc and everything he represents. No offense Tizoc, I just don’t want to give noobs a free pass to turn the 3s section into thread after thread about tiers. They don’t exist. I got raped by some twelve the other day and I didn’t feel one bit bad because Twelve versus Alex is considered 7-3 Alex.

I actually think he is the best in the game. Then Makoto is after.

Me too, I have it Akuma > Chun = Yun = Makoto (No particular order) > Ken > Dudley = Urien = Yang = Ryu > Hugo = Oro = Ibuki = Elena = Necro = Alex = Q = Remy (again no particular order) > Shit > Twelve = Sean

To be quite honest all those under Ken become the same with meter. Due to the fact they start with none, they are just a smidge behind him.

If only this forum still had neg rep.

Seriously, the only debatable tiers are in the lower regions, and at the end of the day, they’re still low tier, so who cares?

Double edged sword, man. I’m glad we at least got some way to “green” posts again, but too much people abused the hate(09ers hate hate hatehaethaet)*

*The 09ers hate is a joke…half-joke anyway.

Problem is when you fight a low tier like twelve or necro, it isnt some scrub, scrubs pick ken and ryu. If someone picks a low tier its most likely beacuse they are godlike.

When I see a twelve I think, oh shit imma get rushed down to death! definatley not a free win.

Eh, in my experience, lots and lots of people who pick low tier characters suck balls, just like lots of people who pick mid or top tier characters suck balls.

Gouki is def #1!!!

Kuroda (one oft he world’s best 3S players) says that Gouki is the number one character in the game.

Err, it’s cool I guess? I’ve been playing SF3 (on and off really) since the PS2 days and know about the tiers and whatnot, but the Ibuki and Gouki thing was on my mind for a while recently, and I just wanted it know about it.
Oh and I’m basing health off what is written in Chris McDonald’s SF3: 3S FAQ at gamefaqs.

Here’s why.

Ibuki has really bad matchups against Yun and Chun while Akuma simply has a bad matchup against those two. Ibuki gets blown up by Yun and Chun due to them just having specific tools or advantages that really hurt Ibuki’s few real weak spots. Akuma can do more to combat those two. Ibuki wins, goes even with or only loses by one point to everyone else in the game. She clean beats Urien and he’s one of the more dominant characters in the game. The main reason why you don’t see more Ibuki than you probably could is because her matchups against Y and C are just really really rough. To the point where you have to invest all your time in Ibuki to keep using her competitively like the Ibuki mains in Japan.

In general Ibuki has some of the best normals in the game and can very easily outpoke every other character in the game including the shotos. She doesn’t have the best low normal game but with the parry system that’s not a terribly huge deal and she can out footsie other character’s low normals any way. She doesn’t do the best damage but her stun is ridiculous off of basic target combos so if she gets in close range and lands a jump in or EX kunai she will land half stun on the opponent and one more combo will usually stun the opponent. Which makes her damage output a lot higher than it initially appears.

Of course this is all knowledge from maybe like 3 years ago before the whole Kuroda uprising with Akuma at SBO. Now things may have changed and Akuma suddenly has even matchups with Chun or Yun (which would be kinda crazy but ok). Overall though I doubt much has changed about how the Japanese generally feel that Yun and Chun really shit on Ibuki.

Chun really limits Ibuki’s bnb useage due to Chun’s short ass crouch box and wonky hit box normals and becomes a nearly a death touch character to Ibuki once she builds 2 meters. Yun becomes death touch to Ibuki and soon as he gains a meter and her damage output normally being fine in most other matchups…against Yun its just a race where he damages her way faster and small things like not having a low poke to hit confirm into damage makes a bigger deal.

A bad match-up?

Generally what I’m trying to say is that Ibuki loses 3-7 to Yun and Chun while Akuma only loses 4-6 at worst. Unless something has changed for Akuma in those matches.