Question regarding knee shot



since there is no general discussion thread ill just post it here. sorry if its been posted elsewhere guys, i dont come to the DeeJay boards very often…

just wondering how valuable / viable knee shot is in his pressure game. does it have good priority / safe to continue with a blockstring ? can you combo anything from it if its not a CH ?

thanks for the responses in advance, really appreciate it


It’s better as a mixup option, or a tool for getting in against characters with specific or effective AA. Knee shot itself can be used to start just about any BnB, but odds are you’ll end up putting it into a blockstring.

Jumping in with knee shot > c. lp x 2, c. lk > lp maxout > knee shot again. It isn’t a combo, but in situations where you’re trying to force a mistake or a mash from your opponent continuing with that blockstring to build meter is ideal, similarly not doing lp maxout and doing nothing, or walking forward and throwing is one of the things I do when I eventually do use knee shot.

Admittedly, I don’t use it all that often. My success with it isn’t phenominal, and Deejay has a great jumpin with mk, and a handful of good a2a normals so utilizing knee shot is definitely for higher levels of play where your standard gameplan has been stuffed, or mildly read.

Like j. lp, the hitbox on it is great, and it stays active for a ridiculous amount of frames, so completely forsaking it is far from ideal. But it makes for a great tool when trying to keep your opponent from escaping you.


does it outprioritize a lot of moves ? it seems like it does


Knee shot is very valuable imo.

Good for pressure, good for mixing up, changing jump arc always helps, great priority, can combo out of.

I think it’s his most important tool for getting in and messing with the opponents head.

“does it outprioritize a lot of moves ? it seems like it does”

yes it beats almost everything.


knee shot gets beat my dhalsim’s back rh everytime

knee shot is good but should slightly be buffed because if you do it instantly it won’t hit crouching opponents.


knee shot is good if used sparingly, its a pretty good move. I think its fine the way it is. DJ’s Slide is the move that needs buffing


Couple of questions about knee shot:

  1. Okay, so if the timing is done instantly, then it won’t hit crouched opponents, right? How late after leaving the ground can you input the knee shot and still have it connect on crouching opponents. I’d love to see this fixed in Arcade SSF4.

  2. Does anyone else notice that the knee shot has difficulty hitting some crouching opponents; I’ve noticed this happening on Cody and Blanka primarily. How can I adjust timing/spacing to make it land more consistently?



You can’t really adjust knee shot past using it after the peak of dee jay’s jump which is the answer to 1. It will always whiff certain opponents in certain crouch animations like when shoto’s are doing by the nature of dee jay’s hitbox. You mainly use knee shot to bait dps, create ambiguity in cross-ups and for when you think they’ll stand or fireball. Akimo mainly uses it while people walk forward if you notice cause it’s so quick.


I hate when the knee shot crosses up. I feel so out of place. I guess that’s because I unexpectedly lose back charge and I’ll still try to figure out why it crossed up in the first place


I agree, I’d like to find a way to use that strategically, though. d’you think it can?


honestly. they need to make knee shot an actually cross up like it is in ST and HDR


I don’t think so, because the timing is to strict and it might be character specific. Or it probably only works when your opponent inputs certain moves


I feel like knee shot would be good for mixing it up when you go for a crossup. You can space it so you’ll clear them for a non-ambiguous crossup then use knee drop to hit in front of them. It’s taking an obvious crossup and making it not cross up. My execution’s pretty bad atm so I haven’t actually tried that in a match, but in training mode it seems viable.

I think pieguy pretty much hit the nail on the head. Though I could also see using an almost instant knee shot to cross up a downed charge character a-la blanka hop.


knee shot beats out seth’s jump back fp every time for free so for getting in on a jump happy seth i would use it.

knee shot is also good for safe jumping in because it comes down faster then any other jumping attack dj has. so for mixup game it is really good.

yes you can combo off of knee shot.

another thing that is good for knee shot is that if you meet an opponent mid air with it and win you can land with enough time to walk or dash under them and go for a mix up. I normally do cr lk, lk, lk, lk if i’m deep enough but you get the idea.



Does Deej have a good instant overhead?

I figure, when you’re going for the midair-dash under-reset with the knee-shot that you can mix it up with the cr lk, throw, or possibly some kind of instant overhead if he has one. Like a jump back (whatever button) type of thing.

I’m glad that Deejay’s supposedly getting this new overhead, and I know that beggers can’t be choosers, but I really wish it was cr HP instead of his goofy ass standing roundhouse. From the simple aesthetic of his far standing RH it just looks more like an overhead than close RH, but the fact that you have to be far, AND standing… well, it just doesn’t seem very convenient as a Deejay player.


Sorry for the noob question. The command for knee shot says down + lk. I can get this to work fine, but i thought that down-back and down-forward would also qualify as being “down”, but I can only get knee shot to work if I hold just straight down. Is it just me? Or should knee shot still work with down-back and down-forward? I want to keep a down-back charge during knee shot, but I can’t get it to work.


it only works with down + lk unfortunately.


I think Capcom intended that you could still use jumping lk as a jumpin while saving charge. Even though no one does that.


Knee shot is such a good move imo. Mainly because it shortens your jump and you can keep a good momentum going in block strings (short hop KOF style lol). It also helps a great deal in Deejay’s vortex, making people second guess your crossup Sometimes you can crossup with knee shot, but I have only been able to do that on crouchers. I have found good use of it too in safe jump scenarios. As an added bonus, you can make good use of it to get over projectiles as well, shortening your time in the air.

As far as being able to stuff things, it beats out everything you meet in the air for the most part, which will reset them creating another mixup opportunity. Like Tyram said above, during their reset period there is usually ample enough time to walk underneath them and start a combo on the other side (I try not to get too predictable with this as it is rather gimmicky). Other things Knee shot stuff from my personal experience would include Guile’s flash kick and Rufus’s Messiah kick (there is a certain timing for both). Has anyone else been able to stuff other reversals with it?

My favorite combos off of knee shot:

ks, c.lp/, c.lp, (sometimes it is just better to do 1 c.lp when you think will wiff.)
ks, c.lp, c.lp xx hp MGU (or EX MGU -> EX SK/dash ultra)
ks, c.lp, c.lp, xx hk SK


I thought knee shot was suppose to be one of DeeJay’s most useful tools? But with what I’m reading here it looks like it’s not all that great. Is it good or not? >_<