Question Regarding Lag and Online Play

Sorry if this has been asked before. I searched for it, but came up with nothing.

I was playing a match today with my RL friend in a lobby, and on my end, there was a tiny bit of lag, but nothing that made me drop combos or had any real impact on gameplay. He messages me asking if I’m lagging on my end because he says he’s lagging really hard. So I was wondering, when you’re in a match, do both people feel the lag equally? So was my friend overexaggerating about the lag, or is it possible he had it worse than me. Thanks for the replies!

You both feel it. There’s no simulation going on, both clients have to agree with one another in real time. Any DSL/Cable company with… I dunno’… 2 megs or more should be able to run seemlessly if nothing else is chewing up the bandwidth.

I actually have similar problems with my RL friend as well. We barely live a 5 mile drive away from each other and we lag like crazy if we play online. We’ve both closed everything on our computers (even went as far to turn them off and unplug them) and we were both playing on wired connections,yet we still lag like we live on the other side of the world from each other. We both have the same isp and have the best internet speed in our area. So,I have no clue as to what the problem could be. Good thing we live close enough to play offline.

But,when we would lag it would be even worse for my friend,like the match would start without him and the screen would just pop up with me already taking out half his health. While on my side I would just have mild input delay.

Do you get noticeable lag in any other game online? And out of curiosity, what console?

I get lag on everything I own 360,PS3,Wii,PC,etc. We play on PS3.
But,the lag varies from opponent to opponent. As well as their location. It’s just weird that it’s horrible with someone who lives in the same town as me.
I’ve played SF4 on both systems and the experience is pretty much the same because of the game’s netcode I guess.

If you’re lagging in everything you play it’s definitely your awful internet.

I figured as much. But,that still doesn’t explain why it’s at it’s worst with someone just 5-10 minutes away from me. It lags less against someone 4 hours away than it does 5 minutes away.

The sad part is, if the two of you hooked up to the same router, you’d not only experience lag, but lag 10 times worse since you’re sharing the same bandwidth. Not that I’d recommend you do that since you can just play 2 player mode, but it certainly helps give an understanding as to why you get lag in the first place.

You might think data is sent right down the wire spreading the distance of those five miles, but that’s not exactly how it happens. Instead, everything you do gets sent to a PS3 server for data mining or whatever else Playstation feels like doing with it (Security purposes I’d presume), processed, and sent along to whoever requested/needs it (The other player). This could mean that A) the server you’re nearest to is a kagillion bazillion miles away, B) your internet is actually quite bad like Pisko said, or C) your area is hit with huge traffic between you and the server, completely ruining whatever experience you might hope to have with one another since if it happens to one of you, it happens to the other.

Sounds like a case of bad luck to me. Sorry man.

You both probably live far away from your ISP.

I see. Good thing we live so close. lol

I thought his question was about whether people playing against each other are equally affected by lag.

I swear, I can’t play this game seamlessly or “seamlessly” without my internet first moving a million miles per hour…

My answer was a bit clouded, so to be exact: yes, they are both equally affected by lag. His friend is over-exaggerating and presumably trying to pin a loss on it.

I knew I spelled that wrong… Oh well. Net play for fighting games should almost never be perfect. How the hell Blazblue got it right I’ll never know (Haven’t tried it personally, that’s just what I hear).

It does make me wonder why the opponent (from player match) would choose rematch, after going through a game with 1 second, super choppy game.

I’m talking about people who use teams that actually require timing and execution for their combos, and not just disrupta disrupta disrupta.

Thanks for the replies Mustachio. Much appreciated.