Question regarding most user- and custombuild friendly button


im planning on making my own stick and I was wondering which button is most userfriendly for the firsttime making a stick

I guess using screw-ins give you the most possibilities with the surface you are going to use the buttons on as the screw-ins are up to 8mm, compared to either 2 to 4mm snap-ins?

ive read that the Seimitsu Buttons screw-ins have a smaller nut thus better to put closer together where the sanwa buttons have a bigger nut thus harder to put closer together? or is it something I shouldnt worry about?

Ive got a hori FS3 (which doesnt respond good enough) and those buttons are ‘similar’ to the obsf-30 measurements, right?

does anyone here use the 24mm diameter ones? Ive got the feeling that the 30mm ones might be slightly to big for me :o anyone got expierence with both? Or does it end up being personal taste?


The 24mm buttons are start buttons and are recessed. They are not for gameplay and I do not recommend them even if you have small hands. The Japanese have small hands and they use 30mm buttons.

The size of the FS3 buttons are exactly the same as the Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons.

Snap in and Screw buttons have the exact same feel. Snap in is better if you know you what materials you are going to be using, if not use screw-ons. The only downside to screw-s is that sometimes they are hard to fit together when you’re modding an existing stick, and they have a tendency to come unscrewed after a while if you just screw them on by hand.


Yeah man I don’t know about using 24 mm for your layout. You’d have to be hella accurate.