Question regarding mugen

My apologies if this is in the wrong posting area. I wasn’t sure where to post this question … Anyway, I just found out about Mugen yesterday and I’m trying to learn everthing about it. I want to know how to change the character pic on the character select screen. I’ve downloaded a couple characters with messed up pics/poor pics and I would like the option to insert the pic myself. I believe the information belongs in the character’s sff file but I’m unsure of how to replace it. Any help and any other tips for my new obsession would be appreciated. I thank everyone for their time. :wgrin:

I can’t search for it on my PC it work, but check fighting game discussion for “Mugen thread 100% bullshit free” or something like that. I’m pretty sure those guys can help you out with it.

Mugen is like one of those armored core games. In that it is infinity more fun to create stuff in it, than it is to play it itself :sweat:

Ironically this reason is also what turned me off to Mugen, since it ended up giving me a greater appreciation of real fighters. Also the realization that i’d much rather play a real fighting game instead, than trying to create my own broken one.

Mugen= Fad?

Same here.

Mugen thread