Question regarding Paewang and Madcatz fightpad dualmod


Hi guys,

Im getting a little confused and just wanna query. Ive got 4 Paewang pcbs and 4 xbox 360 madcatz fightpad pcbs that will be getting wired up for my 4 joysticks etc. Im going to have usb leads coming off each pcb, can I use a usb switch with usb hub into it, connecting all 8 usb leads together and have switch go between pc and xbox 360. So only pc or xbox will work and never at same time, however 8 pcbs will basically be connected together. Both pcbs have common ground and ill be using madcatz for xbox and paewang for pc


I dont even know where to start to answer your question.

but I do have a question for you… Are you Trolling?

really though, Why dont you use the paewangs only since its already good for ps3/360 and pc?

your usb hub setup seems like legit overkill.


Eh,no it was a legit question. I’m using the fight pads since I can make it use LS so I can play games on Xbox that require left stick as opposed to d pad. I’ve got a new idea now, having one 4 port USB hub coming off Xbox and another off pc. Joining the USB cables together but adding a dpdt relay which powers on when Xbox gets turned on to switch joysticks to Xbox and when Xbox off it will use pc


I’m probably opening a can of worms here, but why are you using Paewang boards at all?