Question regarding stick art

I just purchased this stick from Big Pockets.

I’ve been thinking of ideas as far as paint is concerned and came up with an idea of putting art on the stick. The stick was not designed for art but I thought there has to be a way to put art on it. We all know if I put some sort of art that has adhesive on it that after a period of prolonged use that the art will start peeling away. I was wondering if I paint the stick and put art on it, when it comes time to put the clear coat on it will the clear coat smudge the art? What do you guys think I should do? Thanks for all the help :woot:.

How are you applying the art? Are you drawing it on there? or some sort of Vinyl?
If you get like some laminated paper and not paint the area where you are going to glue it you should be fine. I would use sand paper where you want the art to go, then use 3M spray glue and attach the laminated paper with art. I would also use some sand paper on the back of the art so the glue sticks into the grooves.

It’s what I did here.

Do you think that the way you did the EX2 that it would work with this case considering it’s odd shape?

does that laminated paper stick to your hands?

would this spray glue work with high gloss photo paper?

i went to staples to get mine done it was horrible.

there was air bubbles, i dont think the girl resized it right(maybe its my fault for not formating it) i couldnt cut were the excess laminate was at. so when i was cutting it , it was coming off.

hozie yours looks good, any tips?