Question regarding the monitor & cables for EVO 2011

i didn’t pay attention to EVO 2011, at all. The only thing that i know about this year’s EVO, was that the PS3 was primarily used for a couple of games.

My questions are:

-What monitors did they use this year?


-What kind of connections (e.g. component, VGA) did they use to hook up the PS3’s to the monitor? And which brand too?

From what I heard, there was a new batch of ASUS monitors that have input lag. I don’t know if they used them for last years evo or what.

PS3 used for all games.
ASUS VH236H monitor, same since 2009.
Connected with an HDMI cable. Brand is not really relevant, but I would bet they were monoprice cables.

This year will be all PS3 as well, and very likely the monitors will all still be ASUS VH236H. If there is a special sponsor (like Alienware in 2010), there could be other monitors used.

Evo used the same monitors as they did the last few years.
The ASUS VH236Hwhich is constantly on sale at New Egg

There no reason to switch monitors if there current stock of monitors are fine.[URL=‘’]

They used HDMI cables for the connection, as for brand no one knows, I do not even think the Evo staff knows or cares what HDMI cables they used.

The PS3 is used exclusively for tournament matches

HDMI? I thought they used those 3rd party VGA cables for the PS3. Was that shit laggy at all?

For the most part, there was no lag (except for PS3 system lag, but that’s irrelevant since the PS3 is Evo standard). Some people complained about lag ON SPECIFIC SETUPS, but their claims were never verified. People hypothesize that some setups may have been laggy due to incorrect system settings (720p vs 1080p) or not being in “Game Mode.”