Question regarding the standard buttons of the xarcade (and 3 button hits)

Hi. I will probably keep on using my dual xarcade for some 2 player matches (when I get visitors), even if I am expecting a TE stick soon. I know they arent the “greatest of buttons” but I kind of like the look and feel of them so I am planning on keeping them if I can.

I’ve been testing some in the training section of SFIV though, and when checking the input I cant for the love of god hit a good, long strike of “three button presses” on the punches and kick buttons. This is equal for both sticks. I usually get the ultra combos though, but more than a few times I fire off a super instead.

Is this usual for concaves in general, as there is a depression in the button, or is this considered irregular? Thing is, I was so stupid as to buy a kit with replacement parts when I was going to have to pay for customs and so on anyway, so I really should try to use the included buttons as far as I can. After doing my eurostick upgrade I reallly dont want to shell out more money than I have to on this one.

And now for the big question. You guys with better sticks out there, do you get like “every” three button press, or are there some slipups if you try to press say 10-20 times? This would be of great interest to me, as it kind of annoys me a bit now, thinking that it MAY have been perfect. I really cant understand why I cant get all three at once when testing either, as I really only focus on achieving just that.

It wont suprise me if I end up swapping the whole set of buttons eventually :-/ Grr.

practice… i get mine every time. I suggest just slam down all three fingers as fast as you can.