Question reguarding srk


Why is it that when i post a thread and people are reading and replying to what I have asked, some duche bag closes my thread and says put it somewhere else? Im just asking general questions that people have feedback to one way or another and with every thread I open, no more than 3 hours later its closed…


Because it doesn’t belong in said subforum. In this case, the MvC3 subforum. It probably belongs here


youre prolly right


Well, it helps if you don’t post questions that have nothing at all to do with a forum’s topic in that forum. Kind of like what you are doing right now. It might also be a good idea to learn how to spell if you want to start some intelligent discussion. And finally, it’s also good to show a bit of common decency and not call people names when you show up at their site and break their rules.


Because this isn’t Gamefaqs


because the create new thread button is not a personal customer service agent…
there’s already plenty of info around you can look for


These douchebags are moderators and they’re here to keep things tidy.
There are more than enough general discussion threads to ask questions.

Read up on forum rules.