Question reguarding the SE fightstick- please help!


I’ve been lurking for a few days and i decided to sign up, look forward to talking with you, seems like a good community.

Okay so on to the question- if this has been answered I’m SORRY! I have seen it asked other places before too, but with no straight answer.

Okay, so I bought the SE fight stick and after about an hour of play I noticed the grind/stick, so i assume the washer defect is in full swing here- I am completely new to modding sticks, but i am planning on modding this with a sanwa stick.

so the question is- Does the washer defect only damage the joystick?! (AKA by replacing the joystick would and damage done by the washer be gone) or does the washer defect actually damage the stick as a whole (the main board)? Is the damage contained to JUST the joystick? Because before I open it up and void my warranty I just want to make sure that the washer hasn’t already damaged my stick so bad, that if i were to mod it, it still wouldn’t work.

Again sorry if this was answered, and sorry for the complete newbie question (I have no idea really how the inner workings are yet)

Thank you! :sweat:

You shoulda tried asking in one of the SE threads again, but it should just damage your stick. Once you swap out with the sanwa everything should be good.

Ah, thanks for the help

I had the same problem. Iit just grinds against the PCB in the stick itself. The rest of your Fightstick is fine. Once I put a Sanwa in there everything was better.