This came up in a recent meeting. We are discussing our move to Devil’s Due, and the idea of relaunching the SF comic into SFII #1 came up. It’s like a new start, which can distinguish us from the Image run. Might gain more new readers too…?

On the other hand, keeping the # going is also good, as the story does continue. And it also means even with a new publisher, it’s still business as usual.

So we cannot decide. And I figure I will post the question here to ask you SF Fans. What do you think?


I will continue to buy it either way. I myself dont like when they relaunch a book with Vol. # then Issue.#.


SF#7. Mainly because the Image run wasn’t titled “SF Alpha.”


Stick with #7. Makes life easier for everyone. Besides, it’s the same comic, same style, same plot, just a new publisher. and then you’d have to do another reset when you got to the SF3 storyline.


I say it willl make things easier to keep it at #7


I’d like it to continue as #7 because the publisher is being changed not the story.


I like SF #7 better, but random guy who happens to see it will be that much more likely to buy a book that has Street Fighter II on it as opposed to just Street FIghter as many people played SF II back in the day.

SF makes more sense, but SF II sells more books.

ADDENDUM: If you do go with SF II, you’ll have to base it on the characters from SSFII. Most people don’t evn know there’s an SF3.

I’d go with SF Alpha myself.


I’d go with seven. Calling the book “SF2” would only be cool if in issue 7 you were starting the SF2 Tournament and you guys are not. I’ll buy the book either way, even though I voted for Seven!


Keep it running the way it is my main man. Starting over would be confusing. Keep up the good work.


I totally agree with keeping the numbers going. Sorta like when Battle chasers went from wildstorm/cliffhanger to Image, the fan base was still there. The TPB will sell to those who missed out on the first 6 anyway right? So I don’t really see the point in starting over. Just my opinion.


Doesn’t make any sense to restart it and “SF II” (tourney) won’t start until issue #13 anyway.


It makes no sense to change it to SFII #1 other than you’ll have the luxury of selling another “#1” to collectors. I think that’s a bad move, if 1-6 was shit then I’d agree, because it’d be a way to distance yourself from it. But since everyone loves the book why distance yourself from it?

That just opens up a whole new can of worms, such as what happens if you decide to introduce SF3 characters. It’s taken Capcom 15 years to count to three, why should you guys count to two in seven months?


I say keep the current numbering going since the story is simply a “street fighter” story involving the same characters and not a story the actual video game plot lines.

If you don’t mind my asking why are you leaving Image? They seem okay to me.