Question 'shopping list' custom stick ps3

Im planning on making a custom stick and want to make sure I have a complete shopping list before ordering parts to start making a custom stick

Sanwa stick

**Sanwa buttons 8+3 **
Sanwa OBSF-30, black
(question about these buttons though are they easy to attach to the custom stick or are there more userfriendly buttons to attach to a custom stick? The 2nd pic in the topic shows a orange bold arround most of the buttons

**UPCB board **
Cthulhu UPCB assambelt
*Awesome work :slight_smile: solder free for a nub like me :wink: *
btw seems that Toodles got his hands full taking orders atm so i presume nareg’s is the best alternative ordering the pre assambeld board?!

Now I was wondering about the cables/wires being used appart from the USB cable
(I recognise that are being used for printers etc etc)

like roque posted in the Cthulhu board topic has those nice green cables that seem to be easy to attach to the buttons and the cthulhu board

The other cables yellow/red/brown/orange (right from the cthulu board) that connect stick to the the cthulu board

//my appologies in case I use words that arent even english (A)

When you’re using wood, You should probably use OBSN-30s. The Ns are screw ins, and come with those orange bolts you were talking about. OBSFs are made for thinner materials, such as lexan, plexiglass, or some sort of metal.

Also, the UPCB is not the same thing as the Cthuhlu. You want the Cthulhu.

As for wires, anything 20-24 AWG should work.

dude did you just plug/unplug the wires on the buttons ?

the yellow/brown/orange/etc is the JLF harness … you need to buy that seperately from the joystick

the green wires… in my opinion are too thick… i use 24awg wire myself



Stickharness JLF-H

:slight_smile: found it

it an good idea to use 2 wood plates on thick on thin.
The thin one on top and use the once with the screw on button?

I can order all parts from (im from holland so I guess thats the closest shop for me and it has good reviews!)
only cant find the cables Im looking for
20-24 AWG dont give me the google results I want… or should I be able to get them at my local electric shop?

You should be able to find them at almost any decent electric shop.

What your actually looking for is called “Hookup Wire” which has a thickness of 20 to 24 AWG (so 20, 21, 22, etc.) You can pick any number in between that (its a matter of preference), the larger the AWG, the thinner the wire.

It also comes in stranded (the metal is like a thin brush tip) or solid (one solid metal piece). Both work just as well as each other (read this for more info).

Now that I think about it, I don’t think your gonna find “AWG” over there as its an American thing. You’ll need to find the EU equivalent.

Good Luck!

AWG stands for American Wire Guage. You may be looking for a different convention, being from Holland, but you should be able to find something at any electronics store. Here’s a AWG to metric conversion chart. Maybe that will help you when you are looking for wire.

There will be two different types of wires, solid and stranded, each have their uses, and you will need to decide which one you would prefer working with. Solid is single strand of wire, usually more rigid and won’t really fray. Stranded, is strands of wire, which makes it more flexibile, but will tend to fray more at the edges.

thnx for all the feedback guys helped me out allot!

once I get started Ill make sure Ill document the procces!

You also have an octogonal resistor in there on the stick, GT-Y if I’m not mistaken.

Also, not sure if your top buttons are 24mm buttons or 30mm buttons. Typically, cases have 24mm buttons for the top and 30mm for the face.

I recently went through this too and some crap I totally forgot about:
wire, as mentioned above (I used solid wire, 22 AWG)
wire stripper and crimper
0.110 quick disconnects
cable ties

and yeah, don’t get the UPCB, get the Cthulhu

outside of that stuff, I had to run to the hardware store to grab a few screws to mount random things (mounting plate, rubber feet for the bottom, etc.)

you will also need a usb B for the cthulhu board (15’ would be long enough for anything)

also you will need some nuts and bolts to mount the jlf baseplate to your case

some zip ties to clean up the cables would be nice too.