Question starting with Ken

Hello. I’m new to the Shoryuken forums, but I’ve been a fan for a very long time. I know the best fighting game players in the world are here, and what else needs to be said?

I suppose this is more than a question about Ken, but I’ll start with Ken.

I feel the most effective with Ken, but seemingly only in the middle of a fight, when I bring him in and have a few bars saved up… Sometimes even still I get overwhelmed and can’t seem to land a combo all the time. At most I can get a 6 hit combo (C. HP -> SJ -> LP, LK, LP, LK, HK/HP)… And I can BARELY hit a combo.

I want to keep Ken on my team, but I don’t know who to use to support him, and I don’t think he’s a good starting point…Who should I put on a team with Ken or are my mediocre Ken skills not even worth keeping him for?

I understand the ‘get better’, but the CPU is different than human input. Is it something about cancelling? I’m not sure how to ‘cancel’…

When it comes to understanding this game and getting good at the combos, etc… where do I START learning?

I really don’t believe that playing in training mode for a week is going to make me any better.

Any useful insight would be appreciated. I just want to get better at this game… I feel like the worst player ever to pay for this game…

I’m sure people don’t teach over XBL, either…

EDIT: and yes, I know/understand the tiers. So i don’t need an explanation on why I need to use Magneto, Storm and Sentinel.

Check this out:

Wow. I feel SO stupid… thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction and not being too irritated.

It’s all good. Just keep it in mind next time.

That’s probably your problem. What part about practice makes you think it wouldn’t help you get better?

As for a good starting point, if you’re having trouble doing combos, I’d focus for a couple hours on doing various chains with different characters, just to give you an idea of how the chain combo system works in Marvel. I’d also get the hang of doing a few combos with the characters you like to use in a match-- one that starts with a jump in, one you can do off an an assist hit, and one you can do if you can land a hit midair.

Thank you…but now I have another question…and it may sound stupid but I can’t find an answer… Everywhere I look it talks about ‘cancelling’ into another move… for a combo…

But no explanation on exactly how to ‘cancel’ a move… I feel stupid, but I’ve looked everywhere.

“cancel, cancel” but how?

Canceling is just doing a move before the current move finishes.

Everytime you launch and immediately super jump, that is a cancel, just like doing standing fierce to hadouken is a cancel.

So then… how does one go about cancelling combo moves into a combo?

I’ve been batted around by BB Hood, Sakura and Wolverine, then sucked into an HC…

I want to do the same…

As your character is doing a super, you can do the super of the next character and bring him in. Let’s say you have Ken on point and then gambit second. Practice this combo: do,, shoryureppa, royal flush.

Also, learn this air combo with Ken - c.hp, sj.lp, hk hurricane kick. It is way better than your 6-hit.

I understand the Delayed HC’s… thanks for the combo with Gambit/Ken, they are a duo of mine, now…

That air combo for Ken when it hits apparently takes almost all of any normal guy’s life…I took a Cable out online with that combo + a lp shoryuken.

Thanks for the tips… my question about the combos is how did it seem so easy for Sakura and BB Hood to combo in the air? Wolverine seems okay too but I don’t like his (or Spideys) launcher…

Quoting this because it’s such a simple combo, yet it does ridiculous damage. BnB as far as I’m concerned.

Ken’s Massive Kicks

I wouldnt start Ken first, unless hes just youre main squeeze (lol) Nah, if you mix in marvel with Ken, youre gonna most likely use him for his assist. Therefore, you might want to use him second or last. His aerial hurri is stupid damage, so it kinda depends on your team.

If you have Sentinel in your team, you might start Ken first, for cross-up + Sent ground type, supers (nice tactics). If you have either Magneto or Storm, you may want to use him for assist, i.e Magneto + Ken = Shockwave or Storm + Ken = Hailstorm.

Its called scaling - it kicks in generally after 3 or 4 hits - so following hits will do less % than normal
An assist like spirals ground scales things alot.
It’s got nothing to do with potential Inf. - Ken has them already

NOt true

I was talking about his hurricane aerial combo. It takes the most out of non-marvel solo combos. Even still, I forgot about others.

Seconded. It does over 50% on most characters, and can be started with a poke. If you have an assist like Tron or Doom, this combo practically does itself, and does crazy amounts of damage.


Kens glitched hurricane kick combo is amazing dmg… but a lot of people don’t focus on it’s other major benets… …it has great followup mixup…

1.) you can just hold fwd and hit em with hk grab… mash for decent dmg… this works on good players than button mashers… if you have a good assist to throw into… you can 100% very easily like this… this works because as you fall below a certain point after the hurricane you transfer from sj state to nj and are able to pre-call the assist… thanos capture is the best assist i have found here :slight_smile:

2.) if they recover from the hurricane kick and mash an attack … you can throw out hk… its got great priority… and will always come out before theirs b/c you recover first… do this on button mashers… use this on sent in the corner to go strait into kens sent only inf… (really its the only reason to use this option… but sent is so damn common that it goes at #2…lol)

3.) use the state change to pre-call your assist while doing lp hadoken… if they where trying to do something… they will get hit with the hadoken and combo into the assist for a nice reset…

4.) This is a tad different… but you can setup a reset out of it… by calling certain proj. assists as you launch… so that as you carry them through the air the proj keeps going… you go strait for the grab as you come down… if they get grabbed… you can mash like a mofo to toss em into the proj… if they where mashing an attack and stuff your grab… they will get hit by the projectile and you get to start comboing again.

To pull off some of this you need to become leet at mashing kens hk grab… but it not to hard once you get it.

So here you go legion of terrible online ken players… learn it and stop sucking…

I have a question. There is a spinkick infinite that I believe works midscreen with Ken. I remember seeing VDO do it off Rogue’s throw assist. How do you do it? I remember seeing one attack followed by a spinkick.

Ain’t seen it midscreen but the one your probably refering to is j.Lp, Mp, Hp, hurricane kick.
Look on preppy’s site - Seasons Beatings 3 match 25d and 14f have it - there’s a few more.
Ken’s also got a juggle Infinite - j Lp, ( delayed) mp, u + Mk, land , repeat. Delaying the mp is hard.

I couldn’t find it on their site. Do you have a direct link to it, or can you put it on youtube?