Question: Temporarily Solution to Covering Button Holes with Art?

I recently stumbled upon an SE Fightstick in a Gamestop a few days ago. While working on custom art for myself, I noticed that the stick looked great as a 6 button instead of the default 8. Cutting off the 2 buttons on the edge allowed for a better design as well as a clearner looking stick.

Now, I know how to cover the button holes using a more permanant method (Using a cut out of Aluminum, Plastic, etc., and covering the holes from the inside) which would result in a very strong barrier… but I’m not quite sure I want to get rid of the last two slots indefinitely.

Laminated art is typically either really firm, or really flexible – both of which will not work for the SE due to the fact that it is not a slanted stick, but has a slant cutoff instead. What I want to know is what material or laminate can withstand slight pressure without warping into the shape of the hole. Not exactly a button masher, but I don’t want to accidently put pressure and ruin the art.

Has anyone done this using just laminated art?

Hole plugs are durable, temporary, and look fine to me too.

Hole plugs would still cover the space, and thus cut away art.

I want to be able to place art over the holes, otherwise I wouldn’t mind just leaving the buttons there.

Would it work to get hole plugs, shave down the top so they’re flat with the control panel then put artwork overtop of them?

If not I would recommend buying some sturdy 1/2"-1" styrofoam, using an exacto to cut it out to fit in the holes, then put the laminated artwork over that.

You don’t want to just use the artwork with empty holes no matter what the strength, all it takes is one puncture and you’ve got a hole that gets bigger over time with wear.

Probably some sort of thin metal sheet that you can attach to the bottom of the holes. You can also probably duct tape the holes from the bottom, that might give sufficient support for you to not poke a hole directly into the art, but it might not be enough. Honestly though, you’re better off with button plugs, or just leaving the buttons on there.

Telling you, styrofoam. And not the type packing peanuts is made of, I’m talking like foam mount material (like they use on the back of signs/posterboards at printshops).

You go to just about any Kinkos or Officemax with a foam mounter. Ask for some scrap, glue together a couple of 1" squares (to get your desired thickness) then cut out the shape to slide in the hole.

Not permanent, strong, and sits flush on your panel.

You just need enough strength that a blunt object won’t puncture it.

I like your idea a lot but I am not sure if I am getting the right stuff. Is this the thing I need?

PM NotANoob81. He used this stuff on a metal panel to cover up the holes… its some shit you can squeeze out fo a bottle. Ask him about it.

Thanks Canto, will do. :china: