Question to all Bison Players



What’s up Dictators,

I’ll give you guys a short run down before I ask my question:

I started playing Street Fighter about 5 months ago and I’ve spent an abundant amount of time watching streams, following the scene, reading guides, etc. I started with Ryu to learn the basics of the game. After I finally hit my goal of 1000 PP on Ranked Online (With Ryu ofcourse) I decided I wanted to pick a character to main that isn’t Ryu. I used Ryu as sort of like a training wheels for my fighting game experience and I want to move to a more complex character. I chose M.Bison of course, because he caught my eye and looks extremely interesting / unconventional.

Whenever I come to this sub-forum, I see people saying they “hate the Dictator, they wish they didn’t main him, don’t start using him if you haven’t,” etc.

My question to you guys, why do people say this? What makes this character so much worse than others that people are actually complaining about using him after maining him for 3 years? Why should I not play this character?

Thanks for your time


I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me I main Bison because I suck with everyone else and I like Bison as a character design. Bison is dull. Once you get to a certain proficiency with him, you realize how limited his options are. Most of his cool looking stuff is just gimmicks that can be easily dealt with once you figure out how they work. He has bad mix ups and little comeback factor. A Bison player plays a good[but linear] game and racks up damage with single hits, throws and BnBs, then the opponent confirms some jabs or shorts into a combo leading into Ultra, bringing the health to even. And if the opponent gets a strong lead that’s pretty much the round unless the opponent hands it to you. Whiff Devil’s Reverses to get meter for the next round.


Its mostly because he isn’t a tournament winner. He’s good at low or intermediate level but at high level he fails. His game plan is too one dimensional and he lacks the damage in most situations to make it work. Lack of a comeback factor also doesn’t help.


He has no oki, no comeback, and no proper anti-air. Bison is just not good. Which is why I mostly run it with Rog now.


He’s completely ass, I end up switching back to him just because of comfort. Bison is a scrub killer, or someone who refuses to block His damage isn’t great and he has no comeback potential… but if you do make that odd comeback in tournament, be prepared for some idiot to cuss you out for weeks. I originally picked him up cause I liked the pressure game, and I couldn’t play Viper. I also tried out Ryu like you, back in Vanilla, but I was an online warrior and he was common as muck.

I’ve been using Ken/Oni/Rog/Akuma/Cammy/Rufus/Fei/Sagat (trying to find a secondary or new main). They all feel like much better characters. Crap, even Blanka feels better sometimes.


Play a good Blanka. He is definitely better :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty much everyone I’m interested in maining besides Bison is being buffed to all hell in Ultra, too (Rog, Rose, Chun Li, Rolento) lol


I’m the best Blanka in the world!

Ken, Oni, Rog, Yang and Vega. YEEEEEOOOOWWWWW!!!


Bison as far as SSF4 OR SSF4 this is the only version i’ve ever liked playing playing him. Plus when SF4 came out I kinda liked using charge characters a little bit more. Deejay is my favorite to play but I use Bison because he always seems to win for me(for the most part). The only thing I can suggest is don’t rely on his his sweeps/scissor kicks which are great but everyone knows about them. I actually had to teach myself to not do sweeps unless i’m evading when I started playing higher ranked people that knew that game better than me.

My philosphy with M.Bison is mix it up, keep distance, and win off the other person’s mistakes not your strengths.


I play Bison because I have fun when I play him. Bison is not the greatest character in the game and he has obvious weaknesses. i suggest if you want to change characters to play who you like. People who tier whore don’t have as much fun with the game due to them playing a character that does not fit who they are.


Bison’s sweep is ass.


Pick up Bison and you’ll one day come to regret it, GUARANTEED. He doesn’t do anything particularly well. Low damage. No anti-air. No combo to ultra. Crap air hit priority. No come back potential (and laughably, it’s even hard for him to sit on a lead), no overhead, virtually unusable ultras, cannot zone, has to expend EX meter on stupid stuff that helps him survive, not win. Besides that, he’s fucking awesome. And oh yeah, apparently no one from Capcom has ever used Bison in high level play.


No, he’s really good, quite cheap, perhaps top 10. - Rest of the FGC

Yet none of the people saying consider playing him. Kappa


Balrog and Fei Long are just better versions of Bison. Better damage, better mixup, a reliable AA, better mobility, and great footsies as well. Balrog has a worse wakeup game, but that’s it. He also isn’t as reliant on charge as Bison. Fei has an uppercut, so no complaints here. There’s no reason to play Bison at high levels imo

What’s good about Bison is that he’s extremely good at low levels. If the opponent doesn’t know how to option select, Bison’s wake-up game suddenly becomes extremely safe and dangerous. Many people also don’t know how to bait EX Psycho Crusher and get smacked by that move (just never use medium/heavy normals, and you’ll never get hit by it).

He also relies heavily on the opponent’s mistakes to win. As you may guess, mistakes are very frequent at low levels, but when the opponent knows exactly what he’s doing and starts blocking accordingly, Bison has just no way to open him up apart from the basic frame trap/throw mixup.

So I’d say it depends on how far you want to get with this game. If you want to play casually, then Bison is very easy to use and it might be the right choice for you. If you plan on getting good, then I’d suggest to choose someone else. At least that’s what I did.


Nope, I’ve said this and been called a scrub.

I’ve considered both of these two. I have a decent Rog, but meh. I’d cheese it out with Fei, but for some odd reason I drop Rekkas 50% of the time on the left side the screen lol, despite knowing a lot of his setups n stuff. A lot of Rog players use Bison too, maybe cause of characters like Akuma? Bison has the escape options.

I feel even Vega is better lately, although he’s freaking unusable online. The links are hard enough offline, and I don’t do random wall dives cause it’s stupid… Win or lose.


Vega’s links are hittable online on good connections.

As for Bison. Going to start dicking around with him tomorrow.


Clearly, you’ve absorbed and what was said here.


Yeah, well the same people with ass connections keep joining my games all the time. I got badass internet speed, and AE2012 is the only game I experience lag in.


That’s because this game’s online is laughable.