Question to LS-32-01 owners

Ok so i just replaced my Sanwa JLF with the LS-32, and i love how it feels except for one thing. Whenever i go all the way to one side, after i hit the restrictor gate, it then slides upwards a little bit. Not sure how much better to explain that, but i wanted to know if this happens to anyone else?

It is very common; probably the most common LS-32 topic. It is inherent to the design of all LS-32 sticks.

If you are interested in modifying it, Ikagi-chan’s “LS-36” mod changes the stick such that it doesn’t have this issue, though it does change the feel in other ways.

While it does do that, you should never be moving the joystick that far. The LS-32 has shorter engages and throw, so there’s no need to move that joystick that far and hard.

At first it bothered me. but after a while, I used it as a sign that I am riding the gate to hard and to ease up. This has actually improved my play quite a bit.


I’m doing this as well. I’m gaterider, I like to show my sticks who’s boss! Especially when I’m playing with Guile.

You can also see the stick in my sig below, the LS-32 is fitted with a 10mm copper crush washer.

Sweet. Thanks. This seems to be much more practical then the LS-36 mod as shipping would cost more then the parts itself.

As for riding the gate, i sort of have to lol I Main Guile, that little “jump” throws of the timing on my booms slightly and sometimes messes up my Cr.MP->FK combos.