Question to those who count frames

my char is storm, i call psylockeAA, it hits sent, then i throw a typhoon xx hailstorm? the typhoon hits like sent is otg’d.

^ is that combo perfectly rollable or is there a frame that when you time it right it becomes unrollable?

its unrollable at times.

yup. but it can be rollable at times too. what i wanna know if it’s perfectly unrollable if you time it right, because if it is, then i wanna practice it.

Yes, the way i tested it was to put the dummy in trainning mode to safe fall(aka roll)

i did this combo over and over, and with correct timing, it is unrollable.,,, (at the beginning of sentinel’s decent is when i did the lk typhoon.

however depend on how deep you were when you started the combo, the distance between storm and sentinel has to change.

example, if you hit a meaty,, + psy, you should do half a dash back, and cancel the dash with the motion for the typhoon xx HS.

if you hit them at the tips, which would,, + psy, and the blades of psy barely hit, then you can do the typhoon xx HS at that distance. However, depend on how quickly you cancel the Typhoon xx HS, when they force roll back, the hails might miss. So this mean that this combo is not 100%.

however psy hitting, and doing an unrollable T xx HS is a good idea if your left with Storm/Psy on Msp vs Sent.

I remember doing this combo randomly back in 03, when vs flying sentinels, my mind just adjust to doing it because at the time i felt like doing a hailstorm, but now i do combos/mix ups with storm instead. However after you brought this up Im realizing that if you hit this it’s a gaurenteed 50% on Sentinel, thats about the the same as a 5 fierce combo with storm on sentinel.

In other words it’s a good option to do after you call psy to knock sentinel out of the air.

Even if he unflys + AAA, typhoon stops the assist, plus keeps sentinel pinned, and punishes the assist.

this is something worth learning, but depend on the situations there can be better results that require alittle less timing, like a Dhc combo(but i doubt you want to bring psy in unless storm is dying), or Fierce combos.

it all depends, if you want damage, this is a good one, but if you want postioning, i would suggest (off of any psy hit.) Launch, sj, lk, mk, dash lk, hp, hk. (if you have done a 2 hit jump in already.)

If you haven’t, then i would go for after the launch, sj, hp, Ad d/f, hp, Hk(otg), and either 2 options.

  1. c.lp(forces the screen to fix), nj(while screen is fixing), then when it adjust, floating tri jump lk, mk, hk.

Option 2 sets up a re-rush situation, or you can use it to bait an assist to hail, or grab + plus psy(then juggle,…etc.)

option 1 gives max damage while keeping them near you(but unforunately sentinel gets unfly for either. unless you end it with just Hk(forced otg), then tyhoon xx HS to chip them on wake up).

…i Love Marvel.

this is good when sentinel sticks his out or f.rh, and u counter call psy, and otg with typhoon hailstorm, yes it works and is reliable

just about any move that hits grounded opponents (normal, special, or super) can be used as an unrollable “otg”/juggle

nice to know. tnx a lot gouki for testing it for me.

i usually do that combo when sentinel flies all that time so just he would unfly. i am not really expecting to hit him with psylocke, t xx hs, but i noticed that sometimes he is otg’d when i threw t xx hs and the assists gets hit too. bonus dmg.