Question towards Evo Staff about Evo2k8 location

May I have the reasons for having Evo2k8 at the Tropicana?


if you look on the evo2k8 website, notice toyota is nowhere to be seen.

atleast thats what im assuming

Yes I was told that the Toyota contract was only for 2 years. However, I would like to see if there are more reasons.

People have been complaining about having evo on the strip for the past 2 years.

Between travel costs for traveling from the strip/airport to the outer casinos of vegas makes for high travel cost, AND the lack of food in those areas outside of the local eateries.

With it being on the strip, its a bit cheaper, more access to food, and other things.

This way people won’t complain as much (hopefully).

Yeah…despite not being glamorized by Toyota and its Yaris girls, this is a good idea IMO. When you go to Vegas you think of being on the strip. Not being 30-40 minutes outside of the strip. Even if the hotel is really nice. You don’t have to be at a super nice hotel to do super nice things in Vegas any ways. When I’m at the Evo hotel I’m thinking about games any ways. I’ll more than likely do something outside of the hotel if I wanna really do something in Vegas. We’re not all a bunch of rich executives going to Evo. It’s nice to be able to stay somewhere cheap but be able to go down the strip and with cheaper hotel stay have more money to spend in the first place.