if a character, say mag, is waking up and mashing, will that beat a timed grab by the opponent who is standing up? can the the other person throw then out of a fast 1 frame move? even with a miracle timing?

i don’t think so

i THINK grabs are 1 frame as well, but if a person times a 1 frame, then i think they will hit them.

It mostly depends on timing, and who gets there first. If both meet up at the same time then the throw will win simply out of priority.

I guess that brings up the question of if throw are instant/ 0 frame startup like in the SF2 series.

and you’re positive of this? lol i think its easier to mash than to time a grab…so most likely a would win…

the thing is, to grab him and not get hit, he would have to be already over your body as your getting up, and mash too late AND decide not to tri jump…then u would get your grab

if he had four fierced you and forced you to roll, so he was dashing up to you, you would never be able to grab him out of his’s

if mag’s is moving towards you --you will not win with a grab
if mag’s is hovering over your body --you MIGHT win with a grab if HE messes up

moral of story --keep it to a minimum on good people, their timing will be better

sometimes its best to just jump straight up and block asap…i know jon sentinaaal used to use that to get out of resets, it actually shows you how good a magneto’s resets are =)

when you said “mashing”, you’re throwing in an alternating variable. It really depends on how well they mash, versus something well-timed.

well i can time my good…i usually trade with a switch glitched mag with my mag in arcade.

50 seemed to explain it well. but if they are both 1 frame which one wins?

EDIT: Sorry, actually, the throw wins.