Questions about 360's and 720's


I had a question about performing the above. I have alot of issues where i jump alot especially with T hawk. Any particular way to fix this?


Practice a lot.

You can also try to do a standing move that whiffs first, then the motion, which will ground your character a bit longer.


Just remember that you don’t need to do a full 360 (or full 720). You can skip the last direction, so a 360 can be done as towards, down, back, up+punch.

And like Ben said, you gotta practice a lot.


Hawk gets off the ground faster, so you gotta do it quick with him.


whether you use a pad or a stick…the principle is the same. It should be one smooth and fast motion. Try to press the punch button as soon as you press up. the better you get, the easier it should be.


you should mostly use the safe 360. For example, if you are on the left side, start the motion down back and end it down back. This will ensure that you will either land it or block. It is especially usefull for jab or jab jab into 360. use this to reverse tick as well. If you start from forward and miss… could be a nasty meaty that will dizzy. Starting from forward is usefull mainly as walk up 360.


Easier to start from back and go to up. Less chance of jumping that way.


Also with Gief I usually rotate the stick counterclockwise so that I don’t accidentally get a green hand instead of a 360.


accidental green hands make baby jesus cry :sad:


You forgot to mention the most important part! You have to release the button instead of pushing the button.

Also note that this technique only works for Hawk and Honda, because they have no whiff animation on their command throws.