Questions about American sticks

  1. If you can find them, are the older Wico 360s still considered the best American sticks? Or do players still prefer the old Happ/newer iL Competition sticks?

  2. What kind of games did the Super/Ultimate Happ sticks were used for? I never see anyone ever recommending them for fighters at all. Are they more geared to older coin up games like Pac Man?

  3. What kind of stick did the red Neo Geo cabs use?


iL Comps seem to be the norm these days. The Happ 360s were problematic in the past but have gotten better (a buddy has one in his custom I made for him some years ago and still has no problems). People still shy away from them, just because they’d rather not have the hassle. Your call. I still have a comp in my QCF case and it’s still kicking (though I did have a bad cherry switch I had to replace)


Are you talking about the japaneese style neo-geo cabs? they normally have LS-40’s

or are talking about

their happ/IL parts

  1. Its my understanding that the Wico p360’s were the best, but they’re getting harder to find since many of the LEDs in them would have burned out by now. The competitions were good, but the higher premium price for p360’s made them the ones to get for the die hard stick snobs. It was also about your only chance to use a balltop with a p360 until those third party handles came out.
  2. They were meant for any and all games. I’ve seen folks recommend Supers, but that was a long time ago before everyone went to japanese parts. The super IIRC had levered activators on the microswitches and a smooth circle movement, so many thought it was more comfortable without the corners, like a p360 that clicked.


They are by far the best American sticks I’ve ever used. Like the others noted, they’re becoming increasingly rare, since they no longer produce the original sticks, and the ones you’ll find might not last as long as you’d like. In the past, John Choi has used his W360 almost exclusively, and he repairs the stick itself, instead of purchasing another one, due to its unavailability.

iL has replaced the standard American style sticks. I haven’t used them before. I can comment that the JLW with a bat top feels similar to a Wico360, albeit with a far lighter spring.


wico P360 have “only” better diagonals, and softer spring than HappP360
all is easy too fix
in USA
first MVS cab (and MK1, SF2) use Wico Conical Joystick (or Wico conical with improved atuator)
next mvs cab use HAPP super but different ver. with square gate and heavy stell shaft (W/O nylon shaft cover)

both stick is very rare


Competition are the best readily available American joystick. I have not played on a Super but I have the Ultimates and I was not a fan. Here’s a rundown from crazy Tornado Terry who is a Happ distributor that doesn’t sell Ultimates.


bad floating, very bad but… floating better than new HAPP competition…

WTF?? every JP stick can break more easy than Ultimate, who bends shaft on hand? maybe Pudzianowski or other terminator…

for me is advantage. I use springs from Ultimate on other american stick, I like soft spring.
I do not like ultimate, but from different reasons (long throw, ugly, fragile pivot, price)
ultimate is old WICO project
this is combo wico microswitch joystick with coin control "casino stick"


Lol, I didn’t notice this line. He runs a large arcade so maybe he has seen someone break an Ultimate. It sounds like a weak argument.

I agree. I like the Ultimate spring better than the Competition. I started cutting them to get a similar tension since Happ never had the Ultimate spring in stock separately.

Easy Happ Light Spring Mod


I have A pair of happ comp on a x-arcade the player one became looseafter playing for a while while the second player is stiff cause i dont really used it i have some problems with getting moves going i consider my self a veteran on street fighter playing since early 90’s and im like wth i think im going with a p360 what u guys recommend (i got a thulhu on the x-arcade and happ comp buttons