Questions about Beast Roll



I was watching this [media=youtube]CpND5sAe1hM&feature=related"[/media] and I don’t understand exactly what’s happen in 0.56.
After a down this Blanka use a reversal Beast roll EX which escape SJ mixup Viper to the right.
Why his Beast roll don’t go to the left?
Maybe be there is a trick …
Im not sure perhaps this player has do quickly after reversal one of these motion
(2s) Back and Forward and Hit 2 buttons
(2s) Back , Forward , Back + 2 buttons

I have another question after a Blanka throw next to corner.
Is it possible after you do a best roll above a character to do another Beast roll to the other way?


viper crossed up for a fraction of a second making the horizontal roll go the other way.

if you beast roll over, then try to go back over the other way, the best I’ve been able to do is do a crossup roll. The timing is very tight too.


Crossup hori-rolls are not hard to do, just time it so you reach them when their feet are about to touch the ground during the flip up animation after them being grounded. Once the crossup hori-roll hits, then you’re kinda screwed though. Best option I found was just to quickly tech their throw attempt and then run away laughing to yourself. Anything else seems to get thrown.

Sorry, reread the op and my post doesn’t make much contextural sense. Still, it explains a crossup horizontal roll anyway.