Questions about building a Table

I’ve been thinking about building my own table to hold all of my DJ Equipment and I have a few questions before I start:

What is the best wood to use for building?I have Stanton T.120 decks,Behringer DJX700 mixer,and im going to add my laptop as soon as I get Traktor Scratch Duo.This is my 1st time building a table from scratch.

What tools will I need?Im not really looking to do nothing fancy right now,

Can you buy wood already sanded?I want the wood to be smooth

and finally,I like to have a small stand for my laptop on the table,how do I build that?To get a idea of what I mean I want a small shelf something like the one on this table:

Thanks in advance,peace

Yes, you can buy sanded wood from the wholesaler. Doesn’t mean it’s suitable to use as a table straightup. Think about coatings, paint. Things to consider are for example which type of wood you want to use, MDF is completely different than for example cherry wood, different types of wood are priced differently, different types of wood react differently when you saw etc etc

Do a search in the Tech Forum for the wood workers thread and re-post your question there. BTW that thread is a good read.

thanks for the info