Questions about buying a MadCatz TvC Wii stick for Sanwa and PCB modding

I can get one very cheap, and feel like this is my best chance to get a three console Sanwa stick for a great price. But I have a few important questions that I hope you guys can answer to inform my decision.

1: Is this the same build type as the Madcatz SF4 SE stick? So is it very easy to drop in the Sanwa parts? without tools?
2: If I buy a new PCB will that be a simply screw into the body job? Do I need to make sure I get a certain type of PCB to make sure it fits the TvS stick body?
3: As long as I get the right type and wires will i be able to do this whole mod with just a screw-driver?(ie. No need for a soldering iron or dremel?)

So yeah if this stick is the same as the SE sticks just with a different PCB, then i feel like this is totally worth the purchase, and there are plenty of SE PCB mod guides here I can consult.

Hope you can help, I would be very grateful for any answers and advice.

Yes, the TvC stick has the same shell body as the SE. Even has the holes to screw in the 360 PCB of the SE, even though the TvC PCB has everything in the Turbo Panel.

If you’re going to want to be able to just drop in a PCB, you’re going to need a 360 TE/SE PCB with all of the harnesses and the Turbo Panel

The parts, however, are not exactly the same. The TvC stick’s stock parts are more Sanwa-like than the original SE’s stuff. But since you’re going to replace with all Sanwa, that doesn’t matter.

But you say you want three consoles on one? You can get PS3/360/Wii, but you’re going to have to solder for that. The closest thing I would say you could do without solder is to get a 360 SE/TE PCB with the turbo panel and harnesses, then remove the TvC Turbo Panel, replace with 360 turbo panel, and then add in Toodles’ Kitty board, which is a solderless MC Cthulhu for SE/TE PCBs. However, you don’t get full Wii support from that, you only get gamecube support, so games that don’t support the Gamecube controller don’t recognize it.

thanks for the info,

ill have a look around to see if i can find the 360 SE pcb for cheap in the uk (going to be difficult i imagine)

Just to say, I’ve done the mod of turning the Wii TvC stick in to an Xbox only stick with soldering - it’s not a difficult mod to do. I’ve also done a PS3 TE -> PS3+Xbox dual mod, which was also not that hard.

In short, it is worth picking up soldering, as it’s a useful thing to know!

(slightly ot)
I’d like to second Eben’s statement. I learned how to solder when i started stick modding, and it’s such a fantastic (simple) skill to learn. And once you learn the basics, lots of electronic worries will go out the window (example, my 1.5 year old kid plays with my old DC Agetec stick when i’m on the 360, and i no longer have fears of him pulling at the cord as it’s a balls-easy fix.). Now, i’m looking forward to other problems, so i can see if i can fix it myself :slight_smile:

Thanks guys will probably pick a kit up soon. Remember doing it in school and being a bit clumsy :wink:

For your reference if you decide to solder: