Questions about Candy Cab (Sega Vs. City)

So I found a nice versus-city esque cabinet at a local bar. Oddly enough, the machine has a version of Golden Tee in it (not sure), so the panel has a trackball on it.

My questions are, how hard and how expensive will it be to convert the panel into a 6 button Capcom layout?

Also, how much do you think one of these babies is worth? I am gonna call the guy and see how much he wants. I was thinking somewhere in the 200$. What do you guys think? I know there are alot of candy cab experts around SRK, guys lemme here from ya.

P.S. I am gonna go take my digital camera and get some pics up on it soon. Also, I gotta check the monitor for burn in and stuff like that.

try $100 first :smiley:

It’s so easy to change the CP on the newer candy cabs. It just required you to unscrew, unplug, and plug in. $200 seems like a low-ball :rofl: but maybe the guy is a totally clueless…I would try $300 at first…just to see if he’s in th know.

Coinopexpress charges at least close to 800 for their VS city machines. So if this guy doesn’t do his homework then it’s in your favor.

I do want a Vs. City machine too but I live in an one bedroom apartment, not enough space. Also one of things you may want to watch out for is the monitor. Make sure both monitors are in good shape or else you’re going to be paying a pretty penny to replace them. Not sure if Wellsgardners would work on those cabs.

Can someone define a candy cab for me?

I think you misread me. They are Vs. City esque. It’s actually called K-Bally, I just went back for another look.

I haven’t talked to the bar owner yet but trust me, he is clueless. It is litterally in a hick bar in the middle of nowhere. Trust me, if you guys knew where Uniontown Pennsylvania was, you’d understand lol.

Like I said, there is a version of Golden Tee in it. There is only -one- cabinet, not two. I think you thought I meant two when you said 800$.

I will have pics up soon so ya’ll can apraise the price for me.

vs city implies 2 cabinets connected for head to head play.

No one misunderstood you, you just weren’t using the jargon correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

$200 is lowballing for just about any working cabinet, so good luck, but Golden Tee is a pretty decent money maker; don’t get your hopes too high. You should also take some measurements of the CP to make sure you can get a SF-like one to replace it. A new replacement CP for candy cabs is usually about $150, sometimes as cheap as $100.

Yeah I know I typed it in a rush.

I will take measurements thanks for the advice.

I want to know if I can fit a 2p panel in … that’s the most important thing.

Here are the pics:

The Machine:

The panel:

OK-Baby??!?!? :confused:

It’s a little beat in parts…

I didn’t get measurements but it would be a -very tight fit for a 2p panel I think.

don’t know if this would fit in that, but the Blast City and Astro city panels are great 6 button setups. selling for 11,500 and 17,550 yen respectively.

Wow. Thank you!!

Can you translate those prices into a rough dollar amount?

Also, from the pictures it looks like the panel with only 1 player is the same size as the panel with 2 players. Is that accurate?

Yes, all the Astro and Blast city panels fit the same.

Prices would be, after local tax $102 or $153. If you could find someone (or service) living in Japan it wouldn’t be too tough to snag for you and send over.

Mr. Megalo, your inbox is full.

So maybe you can answer me in here…

Would these Control panels fit the OK Baby??

Also, how is the quality on these ‘ok baby’ cabinets? Is it comparable to Blast city/ vs. city ?


basically a candy is a Japanese sit down type cab.
normally made of plastic/steel, as opposed to wood/mdf.

Ahh, I see. So basically any japanese moulded cab is a candy cab?

You wont be able to buy it for $200, Im just informing you right now. Golden Tee doesnt take a lot of time to make that much, its just not going to happen. More likely, you’d have to up your offer to $800 or more, which is about what it costs anyways(not up on my Golden Tee prices, but IIRC its not cheap either, even aside from the candy cab)