Questions about character names

Gregory Potemkin also fucked Catherine the Great. I sense a theme here…

actually some dude name urien fucked like her daughter ors omething nvm

forgot to correct that like a week ago

so it’s a little off topic, but i thought it was a funny translation thing… or maybe because im just new to GG, but… when Faust does his cr.H (i think that’s the command, whatever makes his head shoot out and twist) it really sounds like he’s saying “Donkey Punch” … i blew coke out of my nose the first time i heard it, hilarious. But is that what he really says??

About translations… Marco Rodriguez to Khushnood Butt - what the fuck were they thinking?


I hear they changed Griffin Mask to Tizoc in the english version because they “Thought it had a nice ring”.

I’m pretty sure the reason Marco Rodriguez got changed to Khushnood because there is some celebrity named Marco Rodriguez. Same type of deal with M. Bison to Balrog. Doesn’t make the name any less rediculous, though.

That’s no big deal. What pissed me off was the Bloody Roar series and Marvel the leopard’s name change. Here’s part of her bio. “Though young, Marvel earned her name on the battlefield because of her skill.” She was nicknamed Marvel cuz she was a marvel in battle. The US version changed her name to Shina, and kept the same bio. What the fuck is “Shina” supposed to mean? She was a total shina in combat? wtf? Just cuz some comic company has the same name, you putzes are afraid they’ll sue you?

Yeah, the reason was something like that. Both Khushnood and Butt are real names too though… which doesn’t explain why they’d change his name to that, though.

Khushnood is a Pakistani name I think (I actually checked this at some point, but it was a while ago), so it seems they changed his ethnicity too.

Butt, of course is a real last name, although not one you’d usually give to ‘cool’ guys like martial arts action heroes ;)…

Also I don’t think those names put together make sense… Maybe if he was British with Pakistani ancestry… It’s easy to see why anyone would want to learn karate with a name like that, though, he must have gotten his ass kicked at school a lot…

EDIT: and I don’t understand why people are whining about Billy Kane… It’s a perfectly normal name, and his weapon isn’t a goddamn ‘cane’ anyway, it’s a staff.

The same people no doubt whine about Robert Garcia being Italian…

Talking about Khushnood, look at what I’ve found:

Which makes you wonder why they didn’t do this to any of the Guilty Gear
characters names, since the entire game has moves, characters, and the like
all borrowed from various Heavy Metal bands. How come they weren’t afraid
of being sued?

Wow, I honestly didn’t know “Urien” was a real name. My math and science background is shining through (as well as my ignorance to western history and social sciences)…

On a random note somewhat related to the thread topic…I was thinking about the name “Fatal Fury”, which was changed from the original Japanese title.

I’ve always assumed that the word “fatal” was used in the sense that we’re used to, i.e. “death” (in reference to Jeff Bogard’s death). But, after reading some KOF win quotes in The True Warrior’s KOF speech faq I came across Robert Garcia’s win quote specifically to the Fatal Fury Team: “Another ‘Duel of Destiny’…but this time, I won!”

Maybe that’s an obscure reference to what Fatal Fury’s real title was supposed to be…“Duel of Destiny”

So, maybe “fatal” isn’t meant to refer to “death”, but rather “fate”. (Fatal -> Fate) This would change the title of the series from “Deadly Fury” (as I’ve always interpreted it) to “Destined Fury” or “Fury of Destiny” or loosely “Duel of Destiny”. Maybe? This would definitely sound less cheesy to me…

Although, if they really cared about cheesy, they should have just left the title the way it was in Japan: “Legend of the Hungry Wolf/Wolves”…

Just a random thought…

Here’s another one: in Ehrgeiz, the kickboxer got his name changed from Prince Naseem to…“Doza”. Gwah?

umm, as far as ol’ Trash Head goes, Goenitz is a surname. Apparently, his given name is Leopold, making him east European.

Wikipedia’s entry for him states:

Of course, it ALSO states he’s a (possibly former) Catholic priest, which would indeed make him a scary character…

Only to Bao.