Questions about charging [buffering/partitioning]

so, the way i’ve learned 3rd strike for the past 3 years was to setup a schedule for myself. Each character in 3rd strike has taught me a few more skills that I can translate well into other games. for instance,

learning makoto helped me evolve my mind games and mixups
learning yun has helped me (extraordinarily) with my technique and execution
learning dudley has helped me with my timing (juggle combos)
learning hugo has helped me with spacing
learning akuma has helped me with rush down and just putting your balls to the walls
learning ryu/ken has helped me understand and appreciate the 'ume’
learning yang has helped me with defense

and so on.

Now, its time for me to learn urien. I kind of understand the concept of unblockables, pretty much what I’ve learned is that you need to force the opponents character to be faced with attacks on both sides of his/her hitbox.

but more importantly, in order to do unblockables, I need to learn how to charge partition, as the only unblockable I can do is the scrubby throw, mp headbutt, f+mk and that only works on people who don’t know about quick standing.


my questions about charging:

  1. Move lists always say “Charge back and then forward + p”. I’m guessing you should charge back for 3 seconds. I’m also guessing its in-game seconds. Is that right? or is there another number I need to be thinking about.

2)Regardless of the number, is it best to keep track of the time with the in game clock or within your head. I’ve got too much to think about in my game to reserve space for time, but this can be learned and will be if needed. I’m sure the more I get used to charging the more it’ll just be ‘felt out’.

  1. When partitioning, is there anything that can interrupt the partition? can I do say… hold d/b for 2/3 the time needed to charge, parry a jump in, go back to d/b for the remaining 1/3 then f + :k: ?

  2. How do you do multiple tackles? I’ve heard it was like
    :l: (charge) :p: :r: [negative edge? not sure how this works] then hold :l: to charge again

I try to

:l: (charge) :r: + :p: (immediately) :l: for the next tackle.

I need some help with that, and maybe if I attend some casuals I’ll learn from someone.

But if someone could answer these questions <3

no real questions about buffering, it makes sense.

  1. AFAIK, charge is broken when interruption become longer than 10 frames. Can someone confirm?

  2. I think it’s more: back (charge), forward, back + PUNCH (back is charging), forward, back + PUNCH, etc…

I do this for the Q HK C&DB juggle (jab dash overhead, jab dash punch)…

tackles are K dumbass

okay but seriously to do multiple tackles you need to charge back, do foward, and hit back+K the instant you have the ability to move (even a couple frames earlier will work I believe), repeat. there is no magic trick to it, you just gotta nail them asap. just don’t spend lots of time slamming the stick back and forth. multitackles are just timing your buffers and Ks right.

charge partitioning is you basically have to have a timer in your head, or just know the timing by gut. charging takes about 1.5 seconds of real time. use your head until you have the muscle memory of the charge partition. you simply just have to know when to start charging in most cases and the rest is cake unless you need to do an on the fly partition (unlikely).

also i don’t believe you would break a partition within 10 frames, that’s a much smaller window than it feels.

I’m not an Urien player :bgrin:

Is’nt charge partition still ok after a dash?
Maybe only with Oro which have the faster dash (back dash) of charging characters (10 frames precisely)?

i wasn’t talking to you
and yes if charge partitioning didn’t work through a dash then uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh unblockables wouldn’t work but if you break a partition in 10 frames that would mean in 1/6th of a second you’d need to release down, hit forward twice then hit down again with urien. that’s kind of really hard and partitions aren’t that hard. although if you meant “between your next input” then that would work i guess.

I have a schedule, too:

-come home from work, eat
-look up porn
-play 3s
-read some theory fighter threads like this
-play more 3s
-look up some more porn
-try to resist the urge to flame shitty threads like this
-fail at resisting
-play 3s

this thread doesnt fail.
theres people that still cant charge partion correctly (like me) and want to learn how but some of us cant because some assholes keep calling us scrubs and wont even try to help us.

but there are some that help us and we thank you for that.
we bask in your knowledge hoping that one day we can participate in higher leagues.

so after reading it you charge the move less then your suppose to, break it then charge for the remaining?

my bust, i thought you’d have the brains to realize that I care more about the theory behind it than what I type on srk.

okay, but seriously, thanks for the post. I need to be more active in counting and I gotta figure out when exactly to bang out that :k: not the :p:

I can now do the charge dash dash headbutt to setup an unblockable.

Charge partitioning i feel isn’t something that translates well from watching videos or reading -> real game practice, but i’ll be keeping my head more active to try and pull it off.

thanks to those that help, the usual :arazz: to those that didn’t.

what the hell is negative edge?

Performing special moves by releasing a button, rather than pressing it. Eg: qcf + releasing punch for a fireball.

I just got the hang of charge buffering last night and it’s exactly as Henaki said; charge (:l:), tap :r:, (:l:) + :k: and repeat the process. If you’re still having trouble I would suggest looking up a few videos; there are good match videos out there that should help, and the following one helped me figure out charge buffering with Remy’s Light of Virtue attack:

The main thing to look for in the video is how Remy will hold back, move slightly towards the opponent before throwing an LoV, and go into charging pratically as soon as an LoV is thrown; the same concept should work for Urien. Hope that helps :tup:.

A question that may stop partition questions

i have a final question on urien.

how much time do i have to press kick, for a tackle to come out?

as in, how much time between: d/b, f, d/b. how long do i have before i can press kick for tackle to come out? im inputting that command so i time it that when uriens elbow animation ends, i’ve already hit d/b.

exactly 10 frames i believe.